Video Transcriptions

With access to thousands of transcription specialists, we can transcribe any number of video files quickly, accurately, and at scale.

  • Benefits of Video Transcription
  • Google Rank – Increase the chance of others finding your video recordings online with keyword-rich text files.
  • Accessibility – Provide text files and captions with your video recordings to make your videos accessible to more viewers.
  • Reuseable – Repurpose video recordings into blogs, whitepapers, ebooks articles and more.

Advantages of Video Transcription


Our transcription specialists transcribe business meetings and conferences, legal investigations, academic lectures and more on time, every time.


We have a crowd of skilled transcription specialists that transcribe audio to text with 98+% accuracy, whether crystal clear recordings or muddled with background noise.


As a transcribing agency, we specialize in streamlining and managing large-scale transcription projects from start to finish.

Fast Turnaround

With access to a large pool of transcription specialists, we’re able to deliver projects quickly, meeting your deadlines every time.

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