Data Tagging

Our content and data tagging solutions let you provide added context to your site search, resulting in a better search experience for your visitors. Our data specialists can provide thousands of tags per day, driving search result improvements 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. From images and videos to products, these items are tagged by our workforce with relevant keywords and phrases, creating a better user experience for your visitors.

  • Common Tagging Jobs
  • E-commerce Products – Improving your e-commerce site’s search results moves the needle on conversion rates — more than 60% of e-commerce customers using site search to aid in making a purchase. Our workforce can tag each product in your catalog with alternate terms to help customers find what they need regardless of the terminology they use to search. By assigning workers who match your customer demographics, we ensure the tags are intuitive to your customer base.

  • User Generated Content – Tagging user-generated content helps you get the most from these valuable assets. Ensure user contributions are searchable and accessible to search engines. From images and video to Q&A and comments, our workforce will tag your content assets, letting you build collections that add value to your site.

How It Works

Our workers tag items with free-form or structured tags according to your requirements. When it’s needed, our workers will provide multiple tags per item. Once a worker provides a tag or set of tags, another confirms the tags are relevant and meet your requirements. Finally, the original item and tags are returned to you in a batch or in real time through our API.

Advantages Over Traditional Tagging


By combining intelligent software with human cognition, we provide the benefits of subjective analysis and algorithmic quality control. By verifying results with redundant tasks and Gold Standard Tasks (also known as "known answers"), quality is monitored and measured in real time.


Because CrowdSource has a workforce of more than 500,000 workers capable of completing data tasks, jobs that used to take months are completed in hours.


We offer a fully elastic model, letting you scale up and down on demand.

Lower Cost

Our software platform lets workers move extremely quickly, helping keep labor costs low. Our solutions have been shown to achieve higher quality results at 50% the cost of traditional methods.

  • Guaranteed Accuracy With QualitySmart™ Workflows
  • We leverage our patent-pending QualitySmart system to ensure the tagging work we produce is accurate. Our smart digital assembly line routes tagging tasks from a tagger, who is responsible for adding tags according to your guidelines, to a reviewer, who confirms the tagger’s work. QualitySmart optimizes the number of reviewers on each task to ensure we meet your required accuracy level.
  • API and Pricing
  • Our platform features an application programming interface that enables real-time submissions and hands-off management of tagging projects for enterprise-level clients. For more information on how we can manage your projects and a breakdown of our pricing structure, please contact us.
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