Data Enrichment

Our workforce helps you add data points to items in your existing dataset. From data about specific products to information about companies, our workforce augment your database with any information that is publicly available on the internet. In addition, workers research and fill in missing product attributes, providing a complete structured dataset for each product.

  • Typical Data Enrichment Jobs
  • Structured Dataset Creation – Designing structured datasets requires insight into which attributes will be most impactful. Our experienced team identifies attributes that are most important, then leverages our workforce to identify them
  • Product Content Data Extraction – Detailed attributes are typically not updated when adding new products at scale. Our workforce extracts data such as color, size and functionality from product content to create a more detailed dataset for each of your products.
  • Missing Data Identification – Manufacturers often fail to provide valuable product attributes for any given SKU. Our workforce searches online and fills gaps in your missing manufacturer data to create a robust dataset for each product.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods


By combining intelligent software with human cognition, you get benefits of subjective analysis and algorithmic quality control. By verifying results with redundant tasks and Gold Standard Tasks (also known as “known answers”) quality is monitored and measured in real time.


With a workforce of more than 500,000 workers capable of completing data tasks, jobs that used to take months are completed in hours.


We offer a fully elastic model, allowing you to scale up and down on demand.

Lower Cost

Our software platform allows workers to move extremely quickly, helping keep labor costs low. Our solutions have been shown to achieve higher quality results at 50% of the cost of traditional methods.

  • Overstock’s Success With Data Enrichment
  • Overstock used CrowdSource to extract and categorize more than 4 million product attributes, improving their internal search results, filtering dynamic product placement.
  • Guaranteed Accuracy With QualitySmart™ Workflows
  • We leverage our patent pending QualitySmart™ system to ensure the datasets we produce are accurate. Our smart digital assembly line routes attribute identification tasks from an attribute identifier, who is responsible for reviewing and updating missing datasets, to a reviewer who accepts or rejects the work of the original worker. QualitySmart optimizes the number of reviewers on each task to ensure to ensure we meet your required accuracy level.
  • API and Pricing
  • Our platform features an API that enables real-time submissions and hands-off management of data enrichment projects for enterprise-level clients. For more information on how we can add structured data to your product descriptions as well as our pricing structure, please contact us.
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