Data Cleansing

Our data specialists review your information and verifies critical facts through reputable sources. From business listings and company information to product attributes, your data is verified by our skilled workforce as being accurate and up to date.

  • Common Data Cleansing Jobs:
  • E-Commerce Product Data – Bad data prompts returns and negatively influences customer satisfaction. Our workforce verifies that your product data is accurate across thousands of products in just hours. CrowdSource workers are trained to identify errors and provide correct information, along with the source, making your data your competitive advantage.

  • Business Listing Information – Business and company data is always changing, and accuracy is critical. Keep your database up to date by leveraging our workforce to verify critical facts. We ensure the accuracy of complete business profiles as well as specific high-value facts. Our workforce can validate facts using online sources or by making phone calls if the information you need is not readily available online.

  • Fact Checking – Presenting accurate information to users builds trust and helps you differentiate in the crowded online publishing space. Our workforce helps you verify facts about anything, from event venues to political candidates. To learn more about how we can help you present accurate information to your users, contact us.

How it Works

Our workers are presented with one item at a time and asked to verify one attribute or all information shown. We present workers with a recommended list of sources as well as a list of invalid data sources. Workers then search online or make phone calls to verify the information requested. If a worker determines that the information is incorrect, the worker will provide the corrected information and the source it came from, letting you update your database with accurate data. You can send us the data you need cleansed in batch files or in real time through our application programming interface.

Advantages Over Traditional Methods


By combining intelligent software with human cognition, you get benefits of subjective analysis and algorithmic quality control. By verifying results with redundant tasks and Gold Standard Tasks (aka "known answers"), quality is monitored and measured in real time.


With a workforce of more than 500,000 workers capable of completing data tasks, jobs that used to take months are completed in hours.


We offer a fully elastic model, letting you scale up and down on demand.

Lower Cost

Our software platform allows workers to move extremely quickly, helping keep labor costs low. Our solutions have been shown to achieve higher quality results at 50% the cost of traditional methods.

  • Guaranteed Accuracy With QualitySmart™ Workflows
  • We leverage our patent-pending QualitySmart system to ensure the work we produce is accurate. Our smart digital assembly line routes cleansing tasks from an original worker, who is responsible for verifying and updating data, to a reviewer, who validates the original worker’s decision. QualitySmart optimizes the number of reviewers on each task to ensure we meet your required accuracy level.
  • API and Pricing
  • Our platform features an API that enables real-time submissions and hands-off management of data cleansing for enterprise-level clients. For more information on how we can manage your business listing and product data as well as our pricing structure, please contact us.
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