Data Categorization

Save time and money with an efficient, accurate solution for data categorization: crowdsourcing. Trying to handle data categorization internally can be a massive drag on your resources. Crowdsourcing provides the perfect way to process a large quantity of data quickly, accurately and inexpensively.

  • Common Categorization Jobs
  • E-commerce Product Categorization – Our workforce categorizes every new product in your inventory in real time or updates all your products’ categories following a navigation change. Improving your e-commerce site’s navigation structure pays dividends: More than 40% of e-commerce customers use site navigation to aid in making a purchase. By targeting workers who match your customer demographics, we ensure your navigation is intuitive to your customer base.
  • Business Categorization – Make your sales team more effective by properly categorizing prospects and existing customers. Go beyond generic categories provided by online sources and create a category structure that maps directly to your business. Our workforce quickly classifies all your prospects and existing customers into your hierarchy, ensuring you spend your time on companies most likely to purchase.

  • User-Generated Content – Add organization to user contributions and make them more accessible to site users and search engines. Our workforce categorizes everything from images and videos to Q&As and comments, letting you build collections that add value to your site. Categorizing user-generated content can help you get the most from these valuable assets.

How It Works

Our workers categorize items into your hierarchy by clicking through your category tree to find the best fit. Our workers also use our “category suggest” feature — when they start typing a category name, they immediately see complex category trees with many levels. When necessary, our workers can select multiple applicable categories per item. Once a worker selects the best category, another worker confirms the selection is correct, and the item is sent back to you in a batch or in real time through our application programming interface.

Advantages Over Traditional Categorization


By combining intelligent software with human cognition, we provide you the benefits of subjective analysis and algorithmic quality control. By verifying results with redundant tasks and Gold Standard Tasks (aka "known answers"), we can monitor and measure quality in real time.


Because we have a workforce of more than 500,000 workers capable of completing data tasks, jobs that used to take months can be completed in just hours.


We offer a fully elastic model, letting you scale up and down on demand.

Lower Cost

Our software platform lets workers move extremely quickly, keeping labor costs low. Our solutions have been shown to achieve higher quality results at 50% the cost of traditional methods.

  • Guaranteed Accuracy With QualitySmart™ Workflows
  • We leverage our patent-pending QualitySmart system to ensure the work we produce is accurate. Our smart digital assembly line routes cleansing tasks from an original worker, who is responsible for verifying and updating data, to a reviewer, who validates the original worker’s decision. QualitySmart optimizes the number of reviewers on each task to ensure we meet your required accuracy level.
  • API and Pricing
  • Our platform features an API that enables real-time submissions and hands-off management of data cleansing for enterprise-level clients. For more information on how we can manage your business listing and product data as well as our pricing structure, please contact us.
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