Data Solutions

What sets a managed crowdsourcing company apart from your internal team? With access to a large talent pool, we partner with you to complete overwhelming, large-scale data projects quickly, saving you internal resources.

  • Content Tagging

    Meaningful and descriptive tags enable you to not only organize and manage your images, videos and user-generated content for internal search purposes, but it also allows search engines, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, to find your previously undiscoverable content. Providing searchable content increases your organic ranking and maximizes your ROI.

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  • Data Categorization

    Categorize online data accurately at scale. When you need to add context to entities in your database, our workforce categorizes your information, making it easier to find when searching or sorting. From categorizing businesses to placing products in appropriate categories, our workforce ensures each entity is properly filed in your category tree.

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  • Data Cleansing

    Provide accurate and feature rich data to consumers. Our workforce is trained to use a variety of sources to identify records that are incorrect. From business addresses to product attributes, our workforce verifies that your data is accurate and up to date.

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  • Data Deduplication

    Instantly deduplicate product data and business descriptions. It often takes a human eye to identify a true duplicate. From matching product SKUs across multiple vendors, to reconciling business location data, our workforce reviews and provides definitive feedback on duplicate candidates.

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  • Data Enrichment

    Add enriched data points to items in your existing dataset. Our workforce helps you add additional elements across huge datasets. From data about specific product attributes to information about executives of publicly traded companies, our workforce augments your database with any information that is publicly available on the internet.

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  • Data Tagging

    Create an improved search experience for your site visitors. Tagging is an effective way to ensure that your data is returned for all relevant queries. From tagging media like pictures and videos to documents and entities, our workforce tags your data according to your guidelines.

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  • Image Tagging

    Give users valuable insight into your photo library by tagging images with meaningful and descriptive keywords/tags.

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  • Search Relevance

    Utilize search strategies to maximize conversion rates. We meet high-volume search queries to improve user experience and help maximize your conversion rate.

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  • Video Tagging

    Increase conversions and add value to your site by exposing video content to users through meaningful and descriptive keyword tags.

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Solve Complex Business Problems

Big data is more than a buzzword. It’s a starting point on the road to increased efficiency and customer satisfaction. With a talent pool of qualified workers, we divide large-scale projects and distribute them in smaller microtasks, that once completed, bring meaning to your collected data.

Control the quality of every task.

We set up quality controls within our software to ensure data tasks are completed accurately.

Improve your return on investment.

By dividing and conquering your data tasks, we turn time-consuming projects into more manageable tasks and preserve your valuable resources.

Extend your team with qualified workers.

With an added human element to your data processing needs, we can extract even more relevant information - including subjective feelings and emotions.

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