Satisfy your customers’ cravings with custom recipes that target specific keywords, categories, ingredients and kitchen tools. Written by culinary enthusiasts, our recipes comprise unique titles, SEO-focused introductions, structured ingredient lists and easy-to-follow preparation steps.

  • Recipe Elements
  • Introductions – Each recipe starts with an engaging title and description of the dish. Our food experts know how to write descriptions that cater to foodies and search engines alike.
  • Time Labels – Our recipes include time labels to help home chefs with planning meal preparation. You can use this information to sort recipes on your site based on prep time, cook time and total time required.
  • Ingredients – Ingredient lists help your readers quickly know what they need to prepare the dish. Ingredients are provided to you in a structured format. Use those structured elements to build dynamic shopping lists, provide calorie counts, or mix and match recipes that contain common ingredients. Standard units of measure are provided as well.
  • Equipment – Equipment lists let your readers quickly identify any kitchen tools they might need to purchase to execute the recipe. We match each piece of equipment with an appropriate product on your website, prompting customers to add those items to their cart.
  • Directions – Our food writers know explain each step in easy-to-follow, simple terms that can be easily followed by expert and novice cooks alike.
  • Chef’s Tips – Chef’s Tips let you present key information about a recipe in an appealing and easy-to-read format. Chef’s Tips include recommended side dishes, healthy ingredient substitutions, time-saving options, presentation suggestions and more.
  • High Definition Photos – Help your readers visualize the completed dish with a high-definition photo. Each photo includes a search-optimized title and alt tag.
  • Brand Name Recipes – Brand-name recipes highlight specific brands and brand-name ingredients. Whether you’re a culinary publisher looking to highlight your ingredients and products or you run a recipe site and want to elevate a premium brand, our recipes can be customized to satisfy even the most discerning culinary brands’ style and brand voice.
  • Benefits of Pinterest
  • "Using a dataset of more than 11,000 pins, I compiled a few statistics about how to get more pins and repins for your content." (see image for reference)
    – Dan Zerella, HubSpot
  • "Conversion rates for Pinterest traffic are 50% higher than conversion rates from other traffic, and Pinterest is the top converting social media site for ‘Top of the Funnel’ advertising."
    – Social Media Today
  • Takeaway:
    In addition to promoting high conversion rates, Pinterest’s strongest connection is with food and recipes.
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