Product Descriptions

Increase organic traffic and maximize shopper conversion rates with our unique product and meta descriptions. We create enriched product pages with benefit-rich product descriptions that improve organic search rankings and click-through rates, ultimately influencing purchasing behavior.

  • Product Description Elements
  • Keyword Friendly Product Titles – We research and leverage the terminology shoppers use most as determined through our proprietary keyword research process.
  • Meta Descriptions – We design meta tags to catch shoppers’ attention and maximize click-through rates from search engine results, providing more opportunity for conversion.
  • Unique Product Copy – We create full product descriptions that improve the user experience and focus on key product features and benefits, creating opportunities for products to rank for long-tail keyword phrases and attract more organic search traffic.

Benefits of Crowdsourcing

Accuracy & Validity

Our writers confirm product attributes and information from manufacturer websites, and our internal review processes assure accuracy no matter the project size.


By leveraging the size and speed of the crowd, we can create a large quantity of high-quality product descriptions quickly.

Quality Writing

Our writer development process assures quality content from our workforce, and our copywriters follow your brand's style guide to ensure consistency.

Search Strategy

We optimize product descriptions with keyword and link strategies to increase search engine visibility.


If your project requirements change, we can react dynamically to fulfill your needs.


Our massive team of writers allows us to provide lightning-fast turnaround times.

  • Benefits of Optimized Product Descriptions
  • Rank Highly in Search Results – We create keyword-rich product copy designed to be easy to read and rank highly in organic search engine results. We use a multistep editorial process to ensure accuracy, our optimized descriptions highlight key product features and benefits that engages customers.
  • Influence Purchasing Behavior – Feature-benefit rich product copy written in your brand voice creates a connection with your buyers and helps them make educated purchasing decisions.This sets you apart from retailers who rely purely on vendor-provided product information and inspires purchasing confidence.
  • Increase Conversions – Unique product copy improves organic search performance by avoiding duplicate content and other issues that search engines consider red flags. CrowdSource transforms product information from your vendors into optimized copy that helps products rank higher, increase clicks and improve on-site conversions.
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