Buying Guides

To improve your bottom line, you need to prove yourself as an authority and leverage that authority to promote your products and services. Buying guides provide a powerful way to earn authority, provide value and promote your products and services when customers are ready to buy. Crowdsourcing lets you produce large numbers of high-quality guides faster and more efficiently than using traditional outsourcing or managing internal teams of writers.

  • Buying Guide Elements
  • Highlight Buying Considerations – Our buying guides outline the factors consumers should consider before making a purchasing decision, using engaging language that leads to conversions.
  • Product Comparisons – Comparisons of key features and product benefits help buyers understand which products are most likely to satisfy their needs.
  • Additional Resources – Buying guides include references to additional resources and induce repeat visits by customers looking to inform their purchasing decisions.

Benefits of Crowdsourcing

Quality Writing

Our copywriters are prequalified through internal testing to ensure precision and accuracy, and they're trained to replicate your brand's style and voice.

Specialized Teams

We create a project-specific team for your particular requirements from our workforce of more than 10,000 professional writers. Skill level, experience, personal interests and proven ability are all factored into the equation, assuring your custom copywriting team gets the job done correctly and quickly.

On-Site Strategy

We work with you to create an onsite optimization strategy designed to reach your engagement goals and greatly increase your webpages' search engine visibility.

Scale and Speed

By leveraging the power of the crowd, we can create a large quantity of buying guides with lightning-fast turnaround times, while never sacrificing accuracy or overall quality.


If your project requirements evolve, that's never a problem. Our systems are built to transition on the fly, implementing any necessary changes and optimizing the workflow.

  • Benefits of Buying Guides
  • Engage Prospects Earlier in the Buying Cycle – Information obtained in the research phase of the buying cycle has a critical influence on customer behavior throughout.
  • Inform Your Customers – Providing buyers with the information they need to make educated decisions drives repeat visits to your site and displays topical authority.
  • Inspire Purchasing Decisions – By conveying the most beneficial information to customers in a persuasive manner, you can inspire confidence in your products and services.
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