Video Moderation

We understand how important it is to have user-generated videos live on your site immediately after submission. Our video moderation solutions include industry-leading accuracy and turnaround times. Whether you require a comprehensive moderation solution or a cost-effective way to moderate thousands of videos per day for basic violations such as obscenity, we have you covered.

  • Video Moderation Methods
  • End-to-End Moderation End-to-End Moderation involves reviewing the video in its entirety for content violations. Because not everything a video contains is obvious on the surface, moderating audio and video from start to finish ensures accurate judgments.
  • Still-Image Moderation Still-Image Moderation selects still images at predetermined intervals from your videos, which can be a cost-efficient and effective moderation solution in lieu of End-to-End Moderation.
  • Advanced Moderation Advanced Moderation combines End-to-End Moderation with Still Image Video Moderation, providing a level of redundancy to guarantee the most thorough and accurate decisions.

Elements of Video Moderation

Custom Policies

We offer video moderation using both standard moderation guidelines and custom policies. If you need videos moderated for policies that extend beyond basic guidelines, we'll work with you to implement rules and rejection reasons specific to your needs.

API Integration

Our application programming interface (API) for video moderation integrates with your software, reducing development time and burden on your resources.


We provide monthly reporting that outlines the quantity of videos moderated and the action taken on each video.

  • Video Supplements
  • Data Enrichment – Our moderators are trained to create metadata and to tag, title and categorize videos, improving your site’s navigation and search.
  • Video Transcription – Transcribing video ensures that search engines index and understand the context of your video content — specifically spoken words — and thus amplify your search engine presence. We can transcribe videos verbatim or target additional keywords to drive additional traffic.
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