Sentiment Analysis

Our sentiment analysis solutions provide actionable insights into your customers’ feelings about your brand, product or service in real time and at scale across virtually unlimited channels. While automated solutions are capable of providing basic analysis, our solutions allow you to gauge sentiment about any element of your brand in any way you choose. We allow you to look for the trends you care about most.

  • How It Works
  • We create questions based on your goals.
  • We have workers assess all comments in your identified channels.
  • We give you real time results.

Benefits of Sentiment Analysis

Monitor Social Media in Real Time

Monitoring how customers feel about your brand, product or service helps you react in real time to your customers’ feedback.

Engage with Customers in a Meaningful Way

Develop a proactive engagement strategy that is based on insights gained through monitoring activities.

Increase Awareness of Customer Issues

Listen to your customers and head-off common customer issues before they become real problems for your brand.

Measure Effectiveness of Marketing Campaigns

Analyze changes in sentiment relative to specific campaigns, audiences and social outlets.

  • What to Analyze
  • Social Media – Gain insight into customers’ attitudes about your brand by analyzing context, tone and emotion expressed through various social media platforms.
  • Blogs and Media – See what influencers are saying about your brand and product or service.
  • Product and Service Reviews – Analyze reviews to aggregate customers’ feelings about specific elements of your product or service.
  • How We Work
  • Through a direct API connection – Our advanced API can ingest your data at scale, facilitating real time analysis across multiple platforms.
  • In batches – Our account management team can work with you to manually send and receive batches of data via Excel that require analysis.
  • As we moderate – We can analyze content for sentiment as a component of our Moderation Solutions.
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