Content Moderation

Our workforce moderates content in real-time, protecting your site’s reputation while allowing your community the freedom to post and share. We offer faster turnaround and better quality at a lower cost than traditional outsourced moderation.

  • Comment Moderation

    Consistent, unbiased moderation. Manage your community’s reputation by providing consistent, unbiased moderation of comments in real-time.

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  • Image Moderation

    High-efficiency image moderation. Our image moderators use our high-efficiency review UI to quickly moderate and report images that violate your policies.

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  • Sentiment Analysis

    Gain actionable insight with human-based software. Our software, paired with a talented pool of workers, allows quick and accurate assessments of audience sentiment.

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  • Video Moderation

    Moderate user-generated videos in real time. Our video moderators watch and moderate your user-generated videos in real time.

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Protect Your Brand’s Reputation

Custom Policies

We offer moderation against standard guidelines as well as custom policies. If your moderation needs extend beyond basic guidelines, we can work with you to implement custom guidelines and rejection reasons.

Quality Control

Our proprietary platform has built-in quality control tools and a reputation system that allows us to continually optimize your moderation workforce. We inject gold data sets (aka “known answers”) in order to qualify new moderators and test existing moderators on an ongoing basis.


Our API provides a seamless solution for posting and receiving content. Our API is simple to integrate and offers near real time results.


We monitor your moderation solution and provide you with detailed reporting each month highlighting the number of items we moderated as well as the results produced on each item.

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