We deliver content merchandizing solutions that improve product information across huge catalogs in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. Our on-demand workforce offers a secret weapon in the battle to out-merchandize your competition. We help some of the largest retailers in the world enhance their product information, scale their online marketing strategies and boost customer confidence.

  • Content Solutions for Retailers
  • Product Content: We transform the product information your vendors provide into unique, feature-benefit rich copy written in your brand voice. We ensure that every product in your catalog offers customer-friendly content that sets you apart from other retailers and improves your organic search performance.
  • Product Localization: We translate and localize your product content ensuring it is sensitive to local use cases, trends, color sensitivities, holidays and more. Our multi-national workforce offers in-country content experts, ready to help you produce customer-ready content on a global scale.
  • Category Content: We help you turn category pages into powerful traffic and conversion assets. Providing outstanding category content helps build authority on these critical “hub” pages. By improving category authority, you experience trickle-down benefit on all pages linked downstream.
  • Landing Page Content: We help improve your paid search performance by improving the relevancy of your landing pages with valuable content. We produce thousands of custom landing pages with handcrafted content tailored to your campaigns.
  • Buying Guides: Buying guides and learning centers help engage customers at the top of the funnel. These rich resources provide an efficient way to add large quantities of fresh, topical content to your website and draw customers early in the purchase cycle.
  • Social Content & Blogs: Customers expect you to provide relevant commentary about new product launches, seasonal trends and industry developments. We help you join the conversation with content designed for sharing and discussion.
  • Data Solutions for Retailers
  • Product Data Enrichment: Our workforce adds attributes to your product data, allowing you to offer new and improved product filters on-demand. We can extract structured information from your existing product copy or perform research to find missing information.
  • Product De-Duplication & Matching: Product matching allows you to de-duplicate your product catalog or match identical products SKUs across multiple catalogs.
  • Product Categorization: We improve the accuracy and efficiency of your categorization process. Our workforce will categorize your products into one or more categories in near real time, improving your customers’ navigation experience.
  • Product Tagging: Product tagging allows you to add context to your products without adding additional structured attributes. Tags are often used to improve your site search, ensuring that the right products are returned for all relevant searches.
  • User Experience Solutions for Retailers
  • Taxonomy Testing: Navigation testing, also known as taxonomy testing, evaluates the usability, labeling and organization of your website’s category structure. We use workers, demographically targeted to mimic your customers, to test your navigation while we collect data on their experience.
  • Search Relevancy Testing: Search relevancy testing allows you to ensure shoppers find relevant results when searching your website. Workers, targeted based on your customer demographics, search your site using a targeted list of queries. They report the best and worst results, allowing your team to tweak and enhance search results.
  • Moderation Solutions for Retailers
  • Content Moderation: Protect your reputation by moderating user generated content 24×7 with our text and image moderation solutions. From product reviews to comments posted on your social media sites, our workforce will moderate content against your guidelines and policies 24×7, ensuring user generated content doesn’t tarnish your brand’s reputation.
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