Solutions by Industry

We offer our clients managed crowdsourcing solutions, meaning we manage a crowd of qualified writers, editors and moderators to provide you access to scalable, cost-effective solutions.

  • Agencies

    Implement big ideas at scale. Your big idea just got bigger. Extend your team with thousands of writers and moderators, all with different interests and expertise, to help meet your large-scale campaign needs.

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  • Marketers

    Provide the right customer experience. Save internal time and resources by extending your team to gather information quickly and efficiently, helping you develop more effective content marketing campaigns.

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  • Retailers

    Complete writing and organization tasks at scale. Smarter website organization is the difference between a good and a great online retailer. Learn how content at scale can improve your ecommerce catalog and customer experiences.

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  • Publishers

    Produce more value-driven content. Creating enough content can become a daunting task for online publishers. With the help of trained talent pool of writers and editors, valuable, keyword-rich content can be produced at scale.

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  • Service Providers

    Enhanced online experiences. We give you the momentum to help your clients succeed. With access to a crowd of qualified moderators and an accuracy system, we allow you to fulfill project requirements quickly and accurately.

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