How CrowdSource Works

Change the way you work with Talent as a Service


Worker Training & Testing

Workers are trained and tested before working on tasks.


Qualified Workers Choose Tasks from Our Catalog of Work

Workers only view tasks for which they have achieved qualification.


Each Task has an Efficient Worker Interface

Clear instructions and efficient UI's increase throughput and maintain quality.


Smart Quality Controls Ensure Work is Correct

Our work flows intelligently route completed work to trusted reviewers who ensure it meets your quality goals.


Worker Promotions and Rewards

Performance-based promotions incentivize quality work.

  • High-performing workers receive increased compensation and earn access to additional work.

  • Underperforming workers are restricted from future work until they undergo further training.


Elasticity and Output-Based Pricing

You only pay for each item delivered enabling your workforce to expand and contract on demand, eliminating unnecessary overhead.

  • Cost Management
  • Agility
  • Productivity

Managed Crowdsourcing Advantages

  • Superior Quality

    Rigorous worker qualification and quality assurance

  • Cost-Effective Results

    Virtual, scalable and pay-as-you-go solutions

  • Unprecedented Speed

    On-demand, 24/7 access to thousands of qualified workers

  • Proven Model

    Crowdsourcing successes have fueled rapid industry growth

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Enterprise adoption of crowdsourcing has fueled 730% growth of completed tasks since 2008. *

* Task information is sourced from the CrowdCensus report issued by The Daily CrowdSource in 2012.

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