• Crowdsourcing's Role in Disaster Management

    By: Brittany Corners | Published: August 21, 2014

    According to Tech Republic, the White House convened a forum in August 2014 to demonstrate data-driven technology that could be used to offer assistance during times of disaster. One of the topics during the program was crowdsourcing solutions for ti [...]

  • Crowd Retail Solutions Help Amazon Score Top Sales Spot

    By: Brittany Corners | Published: May 29, 2014

    Amazon swept Internet retail sales in 2013, clocking in at $67.9 billion in sales, according to Internet Retailer website. Combined sales figures for the other nine companies in the 2013 top 10, including Apple, Staples, Walmart, Sears and Netflix, f [...]

  • Can Crowdsourcing Catch Criminals?

    By: MattD | Published: May 15, 2014

    The Los Angeles Police Department is one of the first law enforcement groups in the country to formally use crowdsourcing to help solve crimes. The LAPD worked with Amazon Web Services and Citizen Global to create an app called the Large Emergency Ev [...]

  • Crowdsourced Projects On The Rise: Impact On Job Market

    By: Brittany Corners | Published: May 12, 2014

    The Department of Labor has expressed confusion over why employment numbers remain low while other economic indicators make it clear that the nation is coming out of its recession. The answer is simple: More people are working for themselves. Due [...]

  • Crowdsourcing Industry Trends: Unique Ways Companies Are Leveraging the Crowd

    By: Sammie Schweissguth | Published: May 5, 2014

    The power of distributed labor has received a fresh interpretation for the 21st century. Crowdsourcing has taken the principles of distributed computing, such as open networks and parallel processing, and applied them to solving business challeng [...]

  • Is Traditional Outsourcing Losing its Appeal?

    By: Brittany Corners | Published: March 18, 2014

    There will probably always be some business activities that are destined to remain in-house. However, issuing "global casting calls" to a scalable, innovative and highly skilled workforce has increased dramatically in the last few years and it will c [...]

  • How Millennials Impact the Job Market

    By: Taylor Stronach | Published: January 30, 2014

    We all know that the job market is tough these days. But for Gen Y’ers, it may be tougher than ever to land a job. Some say the reason is the economy and the rising unemployment rate. Others say it’s because of the way Gen Y’ers operate in [...]


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