• 5 Workplace Predictions to Watch

    By: Brittany Corners | Published: February 11, 2015

    The business practices that brought success in the past will not bring success in the future. Digital communication channels have disrupted the workplace beyond recognition, threatening established workflows and transforming the workplace of tomorrow [...]

  • Writing for the Web: How to Create Scannable Content

    By: Brittany Corners | Published: July 16, 2014

    Whether you're the content marketer for a large retail chain website or a blogger who is just getting started, readability should be high on your list of priorities if not your number-one goal. Savvy Internet surfers tend to scan content when searchi [...]

  • How to Make a Living Off of Freelancing Tasks

    By: Alex Chrum | Published: March 27, 2014

    Before I made the decision to stay at home and become a freelance writer, I discussed the leap with my friends and old coworkers. They all had the same question: "How are you going to make a living doing this?" I wasn't sure, but I was bound and dete [...]

  • A Day in the Life of a OneSpace Worker

    By: Alex Chrum | Published: March 21, 2014

    When you work a 9-to-5 job, you know what to expect from a day of work. There's a somewhat-set routine that you stick to Monday through Friday, every week of the year. Good and bad news, depending on how you look at it: This is not the case in the wo [...]

  • Best Tasks for CrowdSource Workers

    By: Alex Chrum | Published: February 13, 2014

    Crowdsourcing labor is becoming the most efficient and cost-effective way for companies to complete projects and move forward. If you've got a skill that can benefit business operations, there's a good chance you can leverage that talent as part [...]

  • Top 10 Grammar Mistakes We Should Never Make Again

    By: Alex Chrum | Published: January 23, 2014

    Mistakes happen, right? Well, that's true, but it does not mean that you should keep making these mistakes. When writing SEO content as a professional copywriter, nothing looks worse than sloppy, error-filled writing assignments. Improve your wri [...]

  • How to Make a Living as a Freelance Copywriter

    By: Alex Chrum | Published: January 21, 2014

    Making the decision to leave behind a steady paycheck and take your career into your own hands is never easy. But for certain personalities, the reward can outweigh the risk. Even better, there are ways to ensure that you have a successful career [...]


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