5 Ways Virtual Assistant Services Help You Crush Your Competition

By: Brittany Corners | Published: October 19, 2015

virtual-assistant-servicesIt’s tough out there for entrepreneurs. The workload is intense, and the stakes are high. If you are an entrepreneur, you may feel like the work is never truly done. This is where virtual assistant services can give you a leg up.

Virtual Assistant Services for Busy Entrepreneurs

In the not-so-distant past, it was common for business owners to hire secretaries to answer phones, handle bookkeeping and maintain a physical reception space. Today, it is becoming less common for small businesses to hire a full-time individual to perform these activities. Instead, entrepreneurs are tapping into virtual assistant services to handle administrative tasks on their behalf. Virtual assistant services help entrepreneurs stay productive by letting them offload day-to-day tasks to dedicated virtual workers. As a result, entrepreneurs can spend their precious time focusing on tasks that grow their business.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Assistant

There are many benefits of hiring a virtual assistant rather than on-boarding a full-time employee. For starters, less physical space is required when an assistant works remotely. Fewer square footage generally equates to a lower cost of real estate. Secondly, you do not need to provide a virtual assistant with office supplies such as a computer, phone or desk. When you add these things up, the savings can be substantial, but the most beneficial aspect of hiring a virtual assistant has nothing to do with cost and everything to do with efficiency. Virtual assistant services make you more agile because you can scale your virtual team of assistants up or down as needed. There is no ramp-up period required for new hires. Entrepreneurs can search virtual assistants by skill-level, giving them access to an on-demand set of resources that could not have been imagined even ten years ago.

Tasks You Can Outsource to Virtual Assistant Services

Virtual assistant services typically handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, answering phones or booking travel. Other types of tasks that virtual assistants can perform include online research, writing or editing blog posts, email inbox management, event planning or customer service inquiries. The possibilities are nearly limitless when it comes to hiring a virtual assistant.

With a team of highly skilled virtual assistants available on a moment’s notice, entrepreneurs have a distinct advantage over their competition. Greater efficiency leads to greater output. For the latest in using a scalable workforce, visit OneSpace.com.


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