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By: Sammie Schweissguth | Published: September 17, 2015

Account Services TeamThe Account Services Team at CrowdSource drives the success of some of the world’s largest online retailers and publishers by helping them leverage our robust network of skilled freelancers. Partnering with enterprise clients means brainstorming and problem solving on the daily, as we engineer creative solutions for a relatively new (but thriving!) industry.

We’ve earned ourselves a reputation of going above and beyond for every client, so we expect all of our team members to demonstrate a passion for client service. The smallest details have the potential to make or break a project, so we are laser-focused on comprehensive quality in our deliverables. Our clients appreciate this, but we take pride in the work we do too.

Every day is different here. We are actively engaged with our clients’ SEO, marketing, ecommerce and operations departments, giving us the unique opportunity to invest in holistic account management. This not only benefits the project quality, but also provides new learning platforms for our team.

That’s why we are looking for avid explorers, people who are self-motivated and anxious to learn. Along with that, in order to be successful on the Account Services team, you need to be aggressive (be, be aggressive!); there is so much opportunity on the horizon for CrowdSource right now, we need team members who are determined to move our clients and company forward. (Also, if you like piña coladas, and getting caught in the rain…just kidding.)

Our team is incredibly unique. We don’t have two souls that you could even call distant-maybe-perhaps-if you squint your eyes-11th-cousins. We have scuba divers, documentary-nerds, dog lovers, runners, fashionistas, wine lovers, bridge builders, coffee addicts, campers, (not glampers, actual campers), musicians…we even have someone from Kansas City…

But even with all those differences, we laugh, we shout, we share, we compete, we fail, we brainstorm, we win, we disagree, we celebrate – together. And we are doing such a good job of it, our team is expanding. We need YOU!

The Senior Account Manager position is designed for a results-driven closer who can provide expertise in client SEO and online strategy. The goal of this position is to help clients extract maximum value from our products, while identifying potential challenges and finding creative solutions. The prime candidate will be organized, influential, a team player and a critical thinker.

The Director of Account Services is a visionary and a coach. The person in this role is responsible for setting measurable goals for Account Managers and helping them develop a plan to meet them. This position will envision, plan, and implement client success programs, and proactively monitor project results in order to refine strategy. The prime candidate will be professional, a top producer and a respected leader.


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