The Workplace Reimagined With Freelance Management Software

By: Brittany Corners | Published: July 12, 2015

Today’s workforce is no longer constrained by the cubicle.
Technology has obliterated the meeting room walls that once enclosed us and has paved a commute that extends no further than a few steps.

FMS Little BookMore specifically, the “talent-as-a-service” (TaaS) personnel model has redefined the workplace, transforming the way employers and the labor force interact, work and succeed. By collaborating through virtual workspaces, companies get their projects to market faster and more efficiently without hiring a large staff, and freelancers enjoy the freedom and flexibility that only come from taking control of their careers.

The inspiration behind TaaS
Just as cloud computing has reduced IT infrastructure costs and long-term capital investments, cutting-edge TaaS freelance management software (FMS) is using similar technology to reduce personnel and payroll costs for today’s employers.

Companies can now tap into the collective intelligence of online communities to build a scalable, talented workforce from anywhere in the world in a matter of hours, not months. Through cloud-based platforms, companies can also train, manage and interact with freelancers more efficiently. While social media and emerging technologies started the migration toward TaaS, artificial intelligence and advanced telepresence will provide even more elasticity in connecting and collaborating.

Fueled by flexibility
The biggest driver for the TaaS evolution? Flexibility – for both businesses and freelancers.

An increasingly crowded and competitive global market means companies must jump into action the second an opportunity opens. There just isn’t time to recruit, hire and train a permanent staff – or in many cases – the budget to keep the employees on staff once the project has been completed.

TaaS connects companies to thousands of qualified, vetted and hyper-specialized freelance candidates 24 hours a day to meet any content or data challenge, regardless of project size. For many businesses, the elasticity that TaaS offers has been a lifesaver – allowing them to build sustainable, agile teams.

Similarly, freelancers are experiencing the work flexibility that employees have long dreamed of. A career on their terms increases job satisfaction, improves work-life balance and gives freelancers unmatched creative autonomy that accompanies a diverse project base. In fact, freelancers represent 30% of the current labor force – a number only expected to grow in the coming years.

The analysis of an evolution
Like any business revolution, the freelance economy comes with its own share of opportunities and challenges. Advanced FMS solutions are providing the technological blueprint to get both companies and contractors on the same page. Today’s workplace continues to be reshaped and redefined to reflect the goals of each player on every project –  making both sides stronger than ever before.

To learn more about TaaS, read our latest publication, Freelance Management Software: Industry Analysis. This report is packed with information on the history, and the future, of the freelance economy and the technology powering it.



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