Kickstart Your Competitive Advantage with a Virtual Workforce

By: Brittany Corners | Published: May 28, 2015

crowdsourcing-white-paperHigh-quality resources that were once difficult to find are now available with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. Increased access to information has disrupted nearly every industry.

But, that’s old news.

For business, the real competitive advantage comes from increased access to talent.

CrowdSource thought leaders, Sammie Schweissguth and Jayme Orenic, recently published a white paper explaining how the world’s largest companies are moving to a distributed workforce model, breaking down complex projects into “microtasks” and crowdsourcing them to individuals with specialized skill sets. The division of labor dates as far back as the Industrial Revolution, when Henry Ford discovered he could manufacture new automobiles much more quickly and efficiently if they were built by an assembly line of workers, none of whom knew how to build an entire car, but each of whom was an expert at building the part of the car he or she was responsible for.

Today, the division of labor is thriving in a new, digital medium: crowdsourcing.

“Think of it like Uber for the enterprise,” said Schweissguth, Director of Client Services for CrowdSource, “Uber grew into an international transportation service by crowdsourcing its drivers through a mobile app.”

The white paper notes that the age of technology has erased geographical boundaries for employers seeking highly skilled workers. By leveraging digital communication tools, businesses can accomplish large-scale projects with a virtual team spread across the globe while realizing reduced overhead costs and greater efficiency.

“Just about any task that can be completed and submitted as ‘data-via-digital’ means it can be outsourced to a virtual workforce,” said Orenic, Vice President of Workforce Development at CrowdSource.

Some of the world’s largest and most successful organizations are tapping into a virtual workforce to atomize and distribute complex projects with amazing success. Download the white paper and find out how you can too.




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