Strength in Numbers: Crowdsourcing Brings Big Potential to the Enterprise

By: Brittany Corners | Published: April 9, 2015

strength-in-numbersWhen the world was brought closer through the Internet and social media, a powerful catalyst for information sharing was born. High-quality resources that were once difficult to find are now available with the click of a mouse or the tap of a screen. Increased access to information has changed nearly every industry. But, that’s old news. For business, the real competitive advantage comes from increased access to talent.

Leveraging the Internet to access talent is not a new concept. Recruiters have been utilizing this practice for years. It is the development of advanced crowdsourcing tools that have driven incredible innovation in recent years. Crowdsourcing extends far beyond staffing projects in a number of ways. First, crowdsourcing offers a degree of flexibility that the staffing model does not. A crowd-based workforce delivers on-demand access to highly-specialized resources from across the globe. Second, a crowd-based workforce has the ability to ramp up or down on a moment’s notice. Third, and most importantly, a crowd-based workforce eliminates the fixed overhead costs associated with the traditional staffing model.

Enterprises and businesses of all sizes have adopted crowdsourcing into their daily business practices. Companies like Instantly (formerly uSamp), for example, are leveraging the crowd to collect and analyze huge amounts of data from customers to drive product development and improvement. A project of this size could never have been completed without access to a large crowd of highly-qualified workers. Businesses such as Coca-Cola, Unilever and General Mills, among others, have utilized crowdsourcing to improve innovation and test products within their markets, while companies such as Staples and Target assign micro-tasks to the crowd to create content that keeps up with a large influx of SKU changes on a daily basis.

The potential that crowdsourcing brings to the enterprise is still being realized as professionals continue to define new and nearly limitless applications.

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