Achieve Your Content Marketing Goals with Freelance Talent

By: Brittany Corners | Published: March 17, 2015

freelance-talentnearly 40% of U.S. companies relying on blogs for marketing purposes, the competition is steep – and will only steepen in the coming years. This influx of web content makes a strong case for the use of search engine optimization techniques (SEO).

There are a number of myths out there regarding how to boost your search engine rankings. SEO techniques include link building, tagging, and page formatting. But the reality is this: content comes first. A site full of low-quality content will fail with or without SEO. A site with amazing content will rank even higher when SEO techniques are applied.

The challenge for brands, then, is the task of creating high-quality content and publishing that content consistently.

Working with freelance writers can help
It sounds easy enough to create high-quality content. Why, then, do so many websites get it wrong?

The reason is because “quality,” as defined by people, is highly subjective. That’s where online publishers can benefit from tapping into freelance copywriters. With thousands of freelancers available on a moment’s notice, it is now easier than ever to produce and publish quality content on a regular basis.

By leveraging freelance copywriters, online publishers can incorporate a wide variety of writing styles into their web content, while also eliminating the need to onboard new staff members. The more diverse the web content, the more likely it is to appeal to diverse audiences. Web content that appeals to a wide variety of web users will naturally boost engagement rates, therefore boosting credibility with search engines.

What types of content can boost SEO?
Certain web content categories lend themselves nicely to freelance writing, and also help to boost your SEO.

A “Frequently Asked Questions” section of your website answers questions that are most important to the members of your audience. It can be difficult to predict the types of questions people may ask, which is why working with a freelance copywriter is a good idea. This allows you to incorporate a variety of questions and answers from diverse sources.

People love to read web content that is written in a conversational tone. Interviews of all kinds can be performed, recorded, and published on your website. Examples of the types of people to interview include thought leaders in your industry, employees of your company, or even your customers. Tapping into freelancers for this type of content works well because of the simple question and answer format.

You don’t necessarily have to sell a tangible product to ask your customers for reviews. Service providers of all kinds can invite customers to post a review in the form of a comment, a survey, or even a video. Working with a freelancer to help structure the reviews of your product or service is beneficial for two reasons. First, it sends a message to your customers that you value their feedback. Second, search engines favor fresh content, and customer reviews are exactly that.

The quality vs. quantity conundrum
When it comes to web content, quality vs. quantity is not an either/or question. That’s because you need quality and quantity to outrank your competition. Working with freelance talent allows businesses to produce quality content at scale.


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