Four Tips to Make Product Descriptions Work for You

By: Brittany Corners | Published: September 5, 2014

shutterstock_214569583Search for certain products online and you might see the same retailers populating Google’s top ranks. Chances are, those sites leveraged solid search engine optimization tips, including using product descriptions on their pages. Adding text next to images of your products only drives consistent, organic traffic if you follow some proven copy rules.

Write Unique Copy for Every Product

Google and other search engines don’t like content that is too similar, or a copy, of other content online. This poses a challenge for retailers that offer hundreds of products — especially when the only difference between items is color or size. Even if you sell four shirts that are identical other than color, creating four unique product descriptions provides the highest SEO performance.

Don’t Swipe Manufacturer Product Descriptions

Retailers of all sizes commonly swipe the product description from the manufacturer. According to ecommerce expert Nick Whitmore, that’s the worst thing an eCommerce site can do. Copying the description from another site counts as plagiarism and reduces your performance in search engines. Whitmore also points out that manufacturers don’t always include the information your customers are likely to need, making it important to customize content for your audience.

Create Category Pages

For added SEO power, group like products into categories and create category pages that act as landing pages on your site. Create unique copy on the category page informing customers about the benefits of products in the category and including a variety of appropriate keywords.

Use Keywords in the Right Places

Don’t just include keywords in the content. Place them in page titles and headers, alt image tags and meta descriptions for each product. Most product and category descriptions range between 50 to 400 words, which means a primary keyword should be used one to four times in the copy, depending on the length of the description.

Generate Copy with the Crowd

Writing hundreds of unique product descriptions may sound like an impossible task — especially for smaller retailers without adequate internal resources. At CrowdSource, we match copy writing projects with thousands of qualified workers, bringing unique perspectives and creative copy to every piece. Our crowd workers also understand top search engine optimization tips, guaranteeing high-performing copy for your pages.


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