Saving Face: Content Moderation for Internet Business

By: Brittany Corners | Published: August 7, 2014

contentmodIt’s good business to build your brand by utilizing all the tools available on the Internet. Blogging, social networking and community forums are just three of the top niches. On the surface, they’re a great way to engage with potential customers and clients. However, just below the water’s edge lurks the ever-present issues of spam, TOS violations and platform-destructive bullying that often happens with user-generated content. Keeping an eye on potential problems is time-consuming and troublesome because just a few negative comments can spiral out of hand and destroy your brand.

It’s better business to protect your brand by employing content moderation. Keeping an eye on user-shared content as it’s being shared is an excellent way to stay on top whatever situation arises. Ensure your TOS is adhered to on community forums, and employ spam-catching software that deletes unwanted computer-based commentary at the moment it posts. Real-time moderation of social networking sites stops trouble before it starts.

Community comment moderation isn’t all about deleting negative commentary and keeping conversations on track. It can also be utilized to tag important keywords for later persual and response by corresponding departments.

All this can seem like so much time and work, and today’s busy companies are often tested for time and working within constantly changing budget parameters. This is where crowdsourced and automated comment moderation comes in. By eliminating the need of in-house staff or expensive outsourcing, crowdsourced comment moderation accomplishes everything from small tagging tasks and spam flagging to larger jobs such as contest submissions and blog commentary. Crowdsourcing is adjustable, letting you decide how much moderation you need at any given time. You’ll rest easy knowing your brand is in experienced and capable hands. Set up a meeting with experienced staff and brainstorm your needs. Crowdsourcing is a convenient, viable option for even the smallest of businesses.


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