Blogging for Business: The Art of Legal Blogs

By: Brittany Corners | Published: August 6, 2014

businessblognew and effective ways to build a business without crowding the airwaves and crunching the firm’s budget.

The Bonus of Blogging

In an effort to advertise, while appearing approachable and community minded, many law firms are turning to legal blogs to reach out to potential clients. These specialized networking opportunities allow you to share pertinent local stories while also subtly tying them in to your practice. Well-used SEO can filter blog traffic to your page and introduce the community to your office.

Getting Started

The idea of setting up a legal blog can be a daunting thought. The first step is to identify your audience. Knowing whom you are writing for can narrow the field and make topics easier to brainstorm and share. If your practice is family law, you’ll want you blog to encompass local domestic news stories, and laws passed regarding issues including divorce and custody for your state or city. If your focus is criminal law or personal injury, expand your blog to connect local drunk-driving cases to your services.

Get Social

You’ve set up your blog: now, how do you get the word out? Outside of taking advantage of SEO, many legal firms are connecting to the community through social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. Get an account, follow local companies and officials, and share your blog posts by tweeting or posting tidbits and titles.

Crowdsourced Content

All of this can seem like so much work, especially if you’re already stretched for time with client appointments and court appearances. This is where the idea of crowdsourcing your blog content comes in. A pool of knowledgeable copywriters can do the job for you, optimizing SEO, interacting on social media and creating unique content that showcases your areas of expertise, while sharing important information with the community. Speak with a professional at OneSpace today, and get set up with legal blogging to build your business.