Are You Using Excellent Meta Descriptions to Drive Sales?

By: Brittany Corners | Published: July 9, 2014

BuyComputerMeta descriptions are often the first impression your company’s search listings make on potential customers. Clear, concise descriptions on each category, subcategory and product page make it easier for online searchers to find your products and recognize your business as a reputable retail outlet or industry leader. The content your site provides through meta descriptions entices potential shoppers to click through and view your retail goods, providing an essential first step towards converting search results into sales.

Unique Content

Google’s webmaster rules suggest unique meta descriptions for every page on your site. Boilerplated text copied between pages is likely to result in penalties to your search ranking, making unique content the most important aspect of writing meta descriptions. Crowdsourcing your descriptions from a team of seasoned writers ensures a steady supply of unique content for your site.

Call to Action

Each meta description should include a call to action. The style of the CTA may vary greatly, but it should always invite readers to discover more about the page returned in the search results. A clear call to action uses strong verbs, including click, learn, act, save or discover, to drive searchers to visit the page. Without a call to action, a meta description loses much of its immediacy.


Every successful retailer has a voice. Some are low-cost discount leaders and others pride themselves on surpassing quality or innovation. Crowdsourcing your meta descriptions allows you to specify the voice for writers working on the project, ensuring that the work you have put into creating your company’s personality shines through in each and every search result. The best meta descriptions help get your voice across and reinforce your marketing message at a glance.


Search engine optimization is often exceptionally focused on keywords. They are an important part of meta descriptions as correct keyword placement can help increase both individual and overall site search rankings. Keyword research is often a part of meta description creation, and crowdsourcing brings together hundreds or thousands of skilled data workers who can find the right related keywords that offer low competition and show superb levels of interest, driving your ranking up even more.

Fast Turnaround

Crowdsourcing your meta descriptions is also a great way to save time. The fast turnaround you get when you turn to crowdsourcing solutions ensures that you can get your new item pages up or updated as quickly as possible. Teams of workers can handle stores with thousands of products quickly and effectively.

Quality production is an especially efficient method of ensuring that your pages move up the ranks in the search engines and attract customers with unique content. Explore our product and meta description services available at and post your tips for creating solid descriptions that deliver your company’s voice in the comments section below.


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