Why You Have to Practice Comment Moderation

By: Brittany Corners | Published: July 12, 2014

CommentModerationBlogad revenue, you know how important it is to let others comment on what you post. Comments add fresh content to your site, and good comments can also make believers out of skeptics when it comes to products and services. Even comments that spark lively debates can have a healthy effect on the content value of a site. However, some comments are just not helpful.


As in life, the Internet comes with its share of people who make uncalled-for or untrue remarks. Spammers run willy-nilly across the World Wide Web, promoting their own agendas on sites that aren’t paying attention, and bored individuals post gibberish just so that they can watch it materialize before their eyes as soon as they hit the Enter key. All of this is bad for your site. Irrelevant and grammatically poor content are frowned upon by the search engines and can cause search engine rankings to plummet. As a worst-case scenario, you could even be sued for libel if someone manages to use your site as a venue to spread malicious rumors and the comments go undetected.


Weeding out the Bad Apples with Crowdsourcing

This is why comment moderation is so important. It lets you weed out the undesirable remarks while still reaping the benefits of positive commentary. Some free platforms, such as Blogger, let you adjust your settings so that comments are held for manual review before being posted. This is a great tool for small-fry sites, but what do you do if you’re just too big for your niches?

Should you stop letting readers react to your pearls of wisdom and miss out on all that extra content? Perish the thought. A comment moderation solution is right around the corner when you consider crowdsourcing. It allows you access to thousands of skilled workers who can spring into moderation mode on your say so. They can {tag good comments} to draw positive search engine attention your way and weed out unwanted comments. Automated moderation is also available. It searches for undesirable words and phrases and exterminates ugly comments, significantly cutting down on your need for internal moderation.


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