6 Maddening Mistakes Product Description Writers Make

By: Brittany Corners | Published: July 17, 2014

productdesblogWhen it comes to online sales, great product descriptions capture a customer’s imagination and help secure the sale. Hiring an experienced product description writer or a team of writers to revamp your online shopping site ensures that you won’t make these six common errors that drive away customers and tank search engine rankings.

1. Using manufacturer-provided product descriptions

While the product description a manufacturer provides might be exceptionally good, using it on your own site can be a big mistake. Search engines penalize sites that use the same copy as other sites, so you’ll rank lower in the search engines when relying on manufacturer’s product descriptions instead of unique descriptions. Plus, customers see your site as identical to every competitor currently using the manufacturer-supplied product listings.

2. Focusing on features, not benefits

Many online product descriptions simply describe the product instead of focusing on any benefits the customer can get from using it. A skilled product description writer will create a benefit-driven description that allows the customer to picture himself using the product, bringing you one step closer to a sale.

3. Targeting the wrong customer

When creating product descriptions for your site, keep the specific demographics of your regular customers in mind. Too often, a product description talks down to the primary audience or uses jargon that is above the average customer’s level of understanding. If you’re selling to an audience of office managers, make sure your copy isn’t aimed at the needs of home users, and if your key demographic is moms, avoid product descriptions aimed directly at the kids.

4. Using stilted language

Stilted language is a big turnoff in product descriptions, and it can cost you sales by driving potential customers to a friendlier, more approachable online retailer. Marketing copy shouldn’t sound like something out of an encyclopedia. Casual tones inspire consumer confidence by relying on building a relationship.

5. Including factual and grammatical errors

Inaccurate, poorly written product descriptions destroy customer confidence. If your customers know that a particular item doesn’t have a specific feature and your description says it does, they won’t trust other descriptions on your site. Poor grammar and misspelled words also erode trust and send potential customers fleeing.

6. Using boilerplated copy

Boilerplated product descriptions use a basic template for the majority of the description and simply fill in the blanks for the specific product. If every baby toy on your site is described as “This X toy is perfect for babies who are just learning to crawl” and you just fill in X with the product being displayed, customers won’t know which one to buy and may give up completely.

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