Moderation Solutions: Tips for Trouble-free Traffic

By: MattD | Published: May 20, 2014

Creating a vibrant, vital website that catches interest and builds your Internet presence is a whole lot easier when you utilize user-generated content to fill your pages. A money-saving idea, relying on the text, video and other content of virtual strangers is not without issue. A treasure trove of information provided by others can be used by following a few guidelines.

Copyright Concerns

Along with that interesting and unique user-generated video or article that just posted comes copyright issues. Is the user posting unique content that he or she is the sole owner of, or has it been copied over from another site? Content moderation, or employing staff to monitor for possible copyright issues, cuts down on the possibility of unexpected cease and desist orders that can damage your integrity.

Quality over Quantity

While you’d like your site to be constantly updated with new information, be careful what you wish for. Inappropriate images, text and comments can drive traffic away from your site, and repairing your image can be difficult once word gets out. Using content moderation to scan videos and proofread text stops this potential problem before it starts.

Correcting Comments

Invite your community to participate once you’ve built your site — user-generated content can be as simple as a thought-provoking discussion happening in the comment section of your blog. Add appropriate tags to draw interest, and look to SEO solutions so that you can create a prominent and pertinent Web presence. Clear profanity, off-topic spam and other community issues with content moderation.

User-generated content is the backbone of some of the most popular and successful Internet sites. Whether you’re looking to build the next YouTube or Twitter or you’d simply like to enable your clients to review your products, CrowdSource can make exploring your options easy and provide the in-platform quality control tools and manpower you need for a successful enterprise.


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