Save Money Through Real-Time Content Moderation Services

By: Brittany Corners | Published: March 24, 2014

Comment Moderation

1. Moderate images quickly and effectively.

Images, when posted, need to be moderated for content. This can be prohibitively time-consuming; hiring an employee to complete these tasks is expensive. Through crowdsourcing, large volumes of images can be moderated at a very low cost to your company. Ensuring that all images are moderated quickly is an excellent way to ensure the overall quality of your community.

2. Analyze comments as they come in.

Comment moderation needs to be done in a timely fashion to ensure that all comments are compliant with your company’s policies. Having a crowdsourced solution allows for completely unbiased comment moderation, thereby adding value to your site. Moderation through administrators or employees hired by your company may not be truly unbiased, thereby giving your community a bad reputation and cutting into your bottom line. Building value requires constant and consistent comment moderation.

3. Real-time video moderation.

Videos can add value to a community — but they can also be dangerous. Ensure that your videos are all suitable for your audience and that they don’t include any information from your competitors through a real-time content management team. Rather than having an employee spend hours combing through videos and images — and possibly missing some that need to be removed — you can have a crowdsourced solution automatically vet your videos as they come in.

4. Learn more about your community through reporting.

Comprehensive reporting can be offered through a content moderation service to ensure that you know what is going on in your online community at all times. We will give you detailed information on our moderation tasks that you can use to make changes later on.

5. Use custom properties to control your community.

You can distinguish your community through the adoption of custom policies, which we can enforce. By distinguishing your community from the others through specific guidelines, you can make your company more valuable and thus increase your bottom line. Create a high value community or simply ensure that your community remains focused and on point through these custom policies.

Apart from saving your company money and ensuring the quality of your community, content moderation services may also be used to determine the current tone of your audience. Through sentiment analysis, you can use the power of crowdsourcing to identify your audience’s mood. Sentiment analysis provides results that you can act upon now to improve the value of your community.


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