If You Have Time to Read This Post -- You Aren't Shopping Enough

By: Alex Chrum | Published: November 29, 2013


Grab your energy drinks and your running shoes, because it is Black Friday, ladies and gentlemen! If you are like me, you scour the Internet for the best deals before choosing where you are going to be shopping. When doing my research, I like to look at the websites that use the best e-commerce copywriting practices; websites that keep the content simple, easy-to-read and display all the information I need without a bunch of filler. Because these stores focused on organizing website content as much as leaking their killer deals, this is where I’m headed.

Clothing: Express

Besides marketing multiple deals throughout the holiday season, Express is set to have unbeatable deals on Black Friday. Express makes an effort to use relevant keywords and breaks its content into easy-to-find displays. All of the on-going sales and upcoming deals are convenient for the consumer to locate thanks to its organized website content.

Toys: Toys R Us

Make the youngest members on your Christmas list happy by making a stop at Toys R Us. Look on the website to view its Black Friday ad ahead of time, and check out all the deals they have to offer. Its e-commerce copywriting practices allow readers to locate the toys they are looking for quickly. The product descriptions in the ad are all short, concise and leave no questions for the consumer, which is the best way to draw customers into a store.

Electronics: Best Buy

For all the hottest electronic deals, look no further than Best Buy. By organizing its website content in a readable a customer-friendly matter, Best Buy ensures readers are drawn to its Black Friday ad. The website version of the ad features helpful information such as the sale hours, and Best Buy uses excellent SEO practices to make its ad easy to navigate.

General Gifts: Target and Walmart

Retail giants such as Target and Walmart are always fantastic stops on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Their website organization is flawless, and they take full advantage of e-commerce copywriting to give Black Friday shoppers the vital information they need to get their shopping on. Hours, specific deals and doorbusters are all clearly outlined, making it easy to find the gifts you are looking for, even if the gift is for yourself.

Keep your sanity in tact by planning your Black Friday route ahead of time. The stores that take full advantage of e-commerce copywriting and SEO best practices are likely to have some of the best deals, as they care enough to make their ads easy to read and locate on the World Wide Web. The biggest retailers know that if they do not put effort into organizing website content and making their Black Friday ads readily available to customers they are likely to miss out on some of the largest sales of the year. Those in the retail industry, take note. Look at the practices used by these businesses, and make the most of this information for one of the biggest days for business.


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