Your Site Is Only As Strong As Your Copywriter

By: Brittany Corners | Published: October 21, 2013

copywriterIn a recent marketing article, Entrepreneur reports that clicks from shared content are 5 times more likely to result in a purchase. Content that is not original, relevant or interesting is less likely to be shared – and less likely to result in purchases.

In this article, I’ll share some simple tips you can use to make sure your copywriters produce content that is not only engaging, but drives more business. I’ll also point out a few pitfalls to avoid.


  • Write for Humans
    Search engines are getting better at ranking sites the way people do. Your technical writers and content creators must write content that is interesting and thought provoking to people. Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s webspam team, points out in this video how great content naturally drives exceptional links. Similarly, people are more likely to comment on and share content that speaks to them.
  • Be Original
    Your customers’ experiences with your products are unique. Use these experiences to create blogs, reviews, testimonials or case studies that uniquely apply to your business. These are the types of content your clients will find interesting. In fact, according to this Entrepreneur infographic, conversions rates are 105% higher for consumers who interact with ratings and product reviews.
  • Empower Users To Share
    Once your copywriters have spent time and energy creating original and compelling content, it’s imperative that users have a clear and easy way to share. Search engines see these as genuine human interactions and value them highly. Widgets like ShareThis and AddThis make it trivial to empower users to share content. These sites also provide powerful analytics that help you discover insights you can use to activate promoters, engage influencers and shape product roadmaps.


  • Bury Your Content
    The more clicks a user has to do before reaching some content, the less likely it will be found and shared. Part of a strong content strategy includes proper placement. Minimize clicks and make related pages easy to navigate from each other. These placement strategies help your site appear more authoritative and topically relevant to search engines.
  • Buy Links
    Avoid buying links. Search engines hate these tactics and are increasingly penalizing these strategies with every revision. Protect your hard won original content by linking to reputable and authoritative sites. These will naturally engender backlinks to your site, which are valued by search engines.

Creating great content is one of the more actionable steps a website can take to drastically improve its performance. This is why I say that you are only as strong as your web copywriter. A copywriter that continuously produces original content helps keep your users engaged commenting on and sharing your content. These interactions make other high-value properties take notice and want to link to your site in original ways.

Good content is a virtuous cycle. Good copywriters and technical writers are at the heart of that cycle. If you need help creating high quality, original content, contact CrowdSource. Our team specializes in delivering compelling product descriptions and articles that drive organic search clicks.


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