The 5 Early Warning Signs Your Content Strategy Is Failing

By: Alex Chrum | Published: September 17, 2013


If you build it, they will come. While it’d be nice if that were true, simply having a ton of content doesn’t guarantee success. Want to find out if your content is destined for greatness or on its way to failure? Look for these early warning signs:

Sign #1: You have no content strategy.

If you’re implementing your strategy after creating your content, it’s a good sign your content is (or will soon be) failing. If you remodel your kitchen without a plan, the results would likely be disastrous. Your fridge door might open in the wrong direction. You might have too little counter space. The sink and stove might be too close together. It just wouldn’t work—and neither will your content marketing plan without a content strategy in place before beginning to write.

Sign #2: Your content has no substance.

Actually read your content. If you have no idea what it’s saying, the chances are good that consumers don’t either. If people have to reread your content to understand what you do or sell, you’re not communicating effectively.

Sign #3: The average page visit is under two minutes.

Identify how long users stay on your pages. If they’re visiting for less than two minutes, you’re doing something wrong with your content strategy (if you have one!). If that number drops below one minute, your content marketing plan is in serious trouble.

Sign #4: You use excessive jargon and lingo.

You might think you’re writing to your target audience by including tons of acronyms and industry lingo, but you’re hurting your content, exposure and readability. Most people don’t know what the acronyms mean, and lingo and catchphrases don’t make content sound smarter or more knowledgeable.

Sign #5: Your publishing threshold is “good enough.”

If you wouldn’t rate your own content a 10, you need a new content marketing plan. There really isn’t a scale when it comes to great content. It’s either great, or it’s not. If you’re not wowing people, you’re making them snore.

How to Turn It Around

Plan. Plan. Plan. Your content marketing plan requires you to plan. From inception to fruition, your content strategy must stay focused. You need to identify a target audience. You need a plan of attack for SEO. You need to identify consumer pain points, needs and wants. You need to develop content that gets noticed, gets read and gets results because…

Quality Matters

Quality content gets noticed. It gets read, repeatedly. It gets shared. It delivers a high ROI. But producing quality content at scale is a tall order when you need it to be everywhere yesterday. Whether you’re just starting with your content marketing plan or restructuring an existing one, managed crowdsourcing helps your content succeed. With crowdsourcing, you get content experts who help you develop and build a content strategy. You get a sea of trained and pre-screened crowd workers who are US-based and trained in Web copy, SEO and high-value content creation. What’s not to love about that?

What other signs indicate your content is failing, and how can crowdsourcing help you avoid them?


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