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Invest in Content Moderation Now - or Hate Yourself Later

By: Alex Chrum | Published: September 27, 2013

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Every day, there are 140 million active Twitter users, and 4.1 million minutes of video are uploaded to YouTube. Facebook photo uploads top out above six billion for one month. The social sphere demands that you employ content moderation if you want to protect your brand. The alternative? Hate yourself later when something goes wrong.

No brand, social media profile or website is immune to crisis. The proliferation of ways customers can supply you with user-generated content (UGC) is endless, so it’s no surprise that it’s firmly established itself as the future. Amid the sea of user content lies risk and exposure to content that’s harmful to your brand. While the list certainly doesn’t stop at three, reputation management, positive customer experience, and rules and guidance assurance are just 3 of the top reasons to start crowdsourcing your content moderation right now as an integral part of brand identity.

1. Reputation Management

The online landscape is dominantly social. With it, comes the ability for something to go viral—-good or bad—-and that means fast, widespread exposure. It means your reputation is built or tarnished in an instant. Crowdsourcing content moderation gives you reputation management that’s ultra-important in times of crisis. It fosters a friendly online community by allowing kind peer-to-peer conversations. It gives you the ability to moderate and respond accordingly before the damage is irreparable. Depending on the type of moderation you employ, sometimes it averts a potential crisis altogether.

2. Positive Customer Experiences

When you moderate to create a safe, friendly online space, users feel free to express themselves within guidelines (more on those in a bit!). You encourage participation as you stay proactive in seeding content. Crowdsourcing gives you the tools you need to find the perfect balance between engagement and brand protection. It keeps your social sphere free of unwanted, harmful solicitation and spam that risk driving away people in your online community.

3. Rules and Guidelines Assurance

Crowdsourcing helps you monitor your communities in real-time to ensure guidelines and rules are followed for your content. This further bolsters the first two reasons crowdsourcing moderation is a must-do practice for brand protection. It allows you to monitor contests/sweepstakes and general comments by assuring all content follows brand rules and guidelines. When users know what to expect, what’s allowed and what’s not AND that those things are enforced, they have a better overall experience with your brand.

The bottom line is that content moderation via crowdsourcing helps you have a contingency plan in place when a crisis is poised to strike or spiral out of control. It saves you from hating yourself later. Managing your brand’s reputation gives you sticky content that breeds user loyalty and promotes more site traffic while giving you both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

What’s stopping you from crowdsourcing your content moderation, and how much can doing so revolutionize your online presence?


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