Here Is a Method That Is Helping Online Publishers Boost ROI

By: Alex Chrum | Published: September 18, 2013

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Innovative, out-of-the-box solutions are more important than ever for businesses that want to stay competitive while maximizing the returns on their investments. Forward-thinking businesses are using crowdsourcing to meet their needs while making the most of their budgets: they use the crowd to scrub data, to predict market trends, to generate product ideas and, as savvy publishers are finding, to produce top-notch content that engages audience members and boosts revenue.

A Resource-sipping Alternative to Traditional Methods of Content Creation

Publishers that crowdsource don’t have to find and vet their own crews of independent freelancers. They don’t spend all their time communicating with an unorganized group of contractors to clarify instructions and outline expectations. They don’t waste time sifting through poor, pre-written articles pushed by article vendors and hope they haven’t already been published elsewhere. They don’t worry about the labor costs or overhead expenses associated with large, in-house teams of creative talent.

Instead, these publishers turn to client solution specialists who develop customized, flexible, 360 solutions for delivering high-impact content. These specialists analyze data to pinpoint the types of content that will resonate best with audiences and turn those findings into tasks for the trained workforce to tackle. They handle workforce communication and oversee article production, and they ensure that the content meets client expectations before delivering it, ready for publication. Best of all, they create a process that is repeatable and adaptable, so they’re always ready to handle a new campaign or fresh batch of articles.

Better Content Leads to Better Returns

These publishers know that outsourcing articles to the crowd not only preserves precious resources — including money and time — but it gives rise to content that makes a splash. Content that begs to be shared. Content that is infused with the expertise of the hundreds of qualified crowd workers who are passionate about writing and editing the kinds of articles they want to consume. Publishers who are outsourcing articles to the crowd enjoy access to the wide range of creativity and talent the crowd has to offer, and in return, they publish articles that:

    – increase page views and attract advertisers


    – establish their brands as thought leaders


    – encourage social shares and


    , which draws new traffic


    – build their reputations and credibility, which

fosters loyalty

Does your existing content creation method deliver those kinds of returns? If you’re ready to get more out of your investment, get in touch with our sales team to see what a difference managed crowdsourcing makes.


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