4 Types of SEO Content You Should Almost Always Crowdsource

By: Alex Chrum | Published: August 1, 2013

“Content is king” is a phrase that’s ruled the SEO content castle for a while, but how much and what types of content wear the crown? How do you produce the right type of content in volumes that grow your kingdom?

Buyers are overwhelmed with similar content from competing sources. Make yourself stand out with four types of content you should almost always crowdsource:

      1. Blogs


      2. Articles


      3. Buying guides


    4. Product descriptions

Reason dictates that the more content you have, the more you provide consumers. By publishing SEO content that focuses on deeper thought less frequently, you control what message you’re sending as well as keep your crown attached. But what if you could control those things and not have to publish content less frequently? Crowdsourcing supercharges content creation to transform your marketing strategy.

1. Blogs

Blogs enable relationships and ignite conversations. They’re a chance to let your hair down. To reach your target markets on a less formal field. To write more casual, thought-provoking pieces. Frequency, concision and engagement are all important elements to make your blogs successful.

2. Articles

Thoughtful, informative and engaging articles deliver value to your target market. Whether it’s a series of how-to, dos and don’ts, educational, list or review articles, content built around what you do best keeps consumers as loyal subjects. Consumers in all markets seek answers, and concise, well-written articles packed with information give them what the seek.

3. Buying Guides

More and more consumers research products online. Buying guides not only showcase your knowledge about products, they also teach consumers how to solve problems, how to make the right buying decision based on their needs. By keeping SEO content hyper-relevant to what you sell and who you sell it to in a way your competitors are not means you have the rapt attention of your subjects.

4. Product descriptions

Product descriptions optimized as SEO content focus on value, on how consumers use what you’re selling and on how consumers benefit. They focus not just on features, but on the benefits those features provide. Instead of jumping on the bandwagon with competitors who use manufacturer copy, revolutionize product descriptions with unique, compelling copy that drives domination.

Crowdsourcing takes your SEO content into a new realm

Crowdsourcing delivers access to broad creative writing talent, a consistent brand message, frequent posts and great copy that keep your audiences all achatter. It produces consumer-centric SEO content that’s concise, scannable and engaging and that carries a consistent message in expert voice. All that happens at scale with proven metrics that increase social shares, engagement and conversions to take blast your kingdom into a new realm focused on quantity without sacrificing quality.

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