3 Ways To Keep Your Content Marketing Fresh With CrowdSourcing

By: Alex Chrum | Published: July 16, 2013

Keeping content fresh is more important than ever. Search engines love fresh content and use it in determining ranking. Google’s Penguin eats up fresh, high-quality content, spitting out the content that’s not. High-value link-building favors fresh content. Social search and social shares feed on fresh content. The bottom line, fresh content drives any successful content marketing strategy, and crowdsourcing paves the path to fresh content in three ways:

  • Maximizes options
  • Optimizes creativity
  • Creates buzz

Effective content marketing embraces a long-term strategy that attracts, converts and retains content consumers. It is not a short-term undertaking. Create content at scale over the long-term that drives ROI by keeping your content fresh, relevant and engaging when you embrace crowdsourcing.

Maximize options

Producing fresh, frequent content that stays appealing to your audience in form and function is a tall order. It’s an order that requires content variety. With crowdsourcing, you tap into a virtually bottomless well of a trained, prescreened and flexible workforce that tackles all types of content with skill, proven results and creativity.

Whether you need educational, informative, entertaining or inspiring content, crowdworkers deliver content in a variety of forms, from Twitter copy, resource articles and blog posts to meta descriptions and review articles. What type of content you get from crowdsourcing content marketing is limited only by what you ask for, whether that’s drafting content from scratch or repurposing existing content.

Optimize creativity

As a publisher of content, you must focus on creativity to keep content interesting and engaging to content consumers. U.S.-based crowdworkers offer you broad access to creative talent. They also write without the constraints of emotional attachments, insecurities and paradigms beyond any instruction provided with your content requirements.

With crowdsourcing, you give creativity free reign. As a result, you embrace a content marketing strategy that gets your content noticed, read and shared across the online landscape. You maximize your ROI, site traffic and status as an authority.

Create buzz

Social shares create buzz, and crowdsourcing content makes that buzz a little louder by producing fresh, frequent and creative content that’s contagious. Especially when you address the needs and wants of content consumers, people not only read and share your content, they get excited about it.

The crux of effective content marketing relies on your ability to tap into that excitement as well as how many readers you reach. You must tap into professional, personal and social networks. To create buzz, the content you tap into those networks with must be relevant, informative and engaging. Crowdsourcing is a game-changer that lets you accomplish that with both quality and scale.

How do you keep your current content strategy fresh, and how can crowdsourcing as part of your content marketing transform, maximize and propel that strategy?


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