How Crowdsourcing Can Transform Your Marketing Strategy

By: Alex Chrum | Published: May 9, 2013

In a consumer market increasingly driven by social media and mobile devices, shareable, smarter content is a must for nurturing a captive audience. Simply developing content is not enough to stay relevant. You must engage, captivate and retain your audience by producing content in real-time that gets shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social networks. You have to earn your audience.

Companies do this with varying degrees of success. Those that embrace and excel at it are poised for success. While not every piece of content creates the social buzz of Oreo’s Tweet during the Superbowl power outage, crowdsourcing solutions give you the tools make an impact with relevant, dynamic content at scale in real-time.

Know what’s relevant

You have two audiences. The one that already cares and the one you’re aiming to make care. To reach either, your content marketing must have relevancy. You must be aware of what your audience is talking about to create real-time content. Crowdsourcing solutions aimed at social media analytics—from sentiment analysis to categorization—help you identify what your audience is talking about, why it matters and what consumers have a vested interest in knowing. It gives you unprecedented insight into the minds of your audiences.

Rapid-response research

After identifying what’s relevant, rapid-response research is necessary to create content that meets those metrics in real-time. Pantene did this perfectly with its hair how-tos during and following the Oscars.

From identifying high-converting keywords through the content creation process, the crowd does the necessary research to create shareable content consisting of blog posts, articles, Tweets, buying guides, tips and any other type of content that fits your social media marketing strategy. Using your criteria, crowdsourcing solutions are tailored by an internal team before being released to our pool of talented, pre-screened and trained crowd workers for producing content with proven success in getting you noticed.

Scale content to fit demand

The beauty of crowdsourcing solutions is that they allow you to produce content at scale. Producing what your audience wants doesn’t have much effect if it’s done only sporadically or on a small scale. You must make a 100-percent commitment in driving social engagement. This means providing well-written content powered by consumer needs continuously and in a variety of ways. Crowdsourcing solutions powered by a virtual army of talented content writers take advantage of the trends your social listening efforts identify—in any market at any scale and in real-time—whether that’s producing 5, 50 or 500 pieces of content daily.

Drive engagement

Crowdsourcing solutions enable you to drive engagement by connecting in a meaningful way. By using tools to address what’s relevant with your audiences right now, you put the right content in the right place at the right time. You stay in social discussions. You stay relevant. You drive referral traffic. The content created by the crowd not only improves your content marketing, it transforms it to power business growth.

Pantene’s and Oreo’s content are just two examples of successful content marketing in real-time, what other companies can you think of with successful real-time campaigns, and what can your business learn from them?


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