Why Crowdsource Writing Improves Content Marketing

By: Alex Chrum | Published: April 11, 2013

“Content is king” has long been the mantra of online content marketing, and as consumers become more engaged and expect more value from your Internet presence, that royal crown grows ever more important.

Access to interesting content is one of the top three reasons consumers follow brands via social media. Of all the time consumers spend online, social media and blogs account for 23 percent, and 8 out of 10 people are reached by the content on those mediums, according to the The Content Marketing Institute. If you are marketing content to boost your online presence and you encounter difficulties, you’re not alone; 36 percent struggle with producing engaging content, and 21 percent aren’t producing enough content.

There are five ways in which crowdsource writing enables you to grow, maximize and crush your content marketing: speed, scale, quality, diversity and optimization.


Writing that is crowdsourced is done at unprecedented speed. The volume possible through the strength in numbers the crowd provides is simply impossible to match in-house without spending exorbitant amounts on wages, salaries and overhead. Crowdsourcing removes all those extraneous costs and delivers finished content in short timeframes to put content to work marketing your business and your brand sooner.


Marketing your content is so much more than a project. It’s a process—one that grows and changes with your business. It’s a process that is never complete. Whether you need 100 articles a week or 1000, you have thousands of writers ready to write whatever you need. You need to grow your body of content continuously as your business grows, and the inherent scalability built into crowdsourcing writing makes that possible at any scale.


Putting your content creation in the hands of crowd workers literally means you have thousands of writers producing well-researched, engaging content that speaks to the needs, wants and demands of consumers. Pre-qualified and trained workers craft content around your specifications with skill and creativity to give you polished content to use in your marketing strategy from the moment it’s in your hands.


Effective content marketing isn’t about producing one type of content. It’s about producing a variety of content types that drive consumer engagement and brand recognition. One of the major benefits of crowdsource writing is that skilled workers tackle anything from unique product descriptions or landing pages to resource articles, buying guides and blogs with vigor, speed and accuracy in information.


A good content marketing strategy naturally generates more traffic thanks to a significant boost to organic search traffic. By focusing on keywords specific to your company and its requirements, trained crowd workers enhance your SEO efforts with content that is optimized. The proof you need quickly shows up in increased conversion rates.

What other benefits do you think crowdsource writing brings to the world of content marketing, and in what ways is it poised to continue playing a role in effective content creation?


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