Score a Touchdown With Crowdsourcing

By: Alex Chrum | Published: February 8, 2013

The crowdsourcing industry has made its mark and is not turning back anytime soon. In fact, if your business is not already crowdsourcing, you may already be left in the dust. Take for example the most watched sporting event on TV, the Super Bowl. Not only did this year’s electrifying halftime performance by Beyonce utilize crowdsourcing, but so did the majority of top commercials.

Utilizing the crowd is a proven game changer and takes your business enterprise to the end zone.

Be the MVP

Crowdsourcing gives your business the ability to bundle intelligence and unlimited resources all into one – it’s like the Joe Flacco of business. Tapping into the minds of hyperspecialized crowds allows you to find the right solution with quality, speed and scale. A managed crowdsourcing provider can match you with the right crowd, for every task. For example, CrowdSource workers must pass a series of assessments that tests their knowledge and success on different types of work. These results determine which tasks workers can tackle successfully, leaving you with a winning record.

Call the plays

In today’s competitive business environment, standing out from your competitors in every way is vital. Crowdsourcing allows you to connect your brand with customers during pivotal stages, including the creation process. Utilizing the crowd at this time allows you to test ideas that were previously inaccessible. Not only does it create a final product that sells, but it also provides a solution to which your customers feel connected and of which they are proud.

Run with it

Henry Chesrough first coined the term “open innovation” as the new imperative for creating and profiting from technology. Little did he know, crowdsourcing would soon come along and fit the description to a T. With the expansion of technology and use of the Internet, businesses now have access to so much more. If the information is there, why not use it? Crowdsourcing grants you access to a vast amount of information and is taking businesses from average to extraordinary.

Don’t make a fumble. Instead, intercept from your competitors, and score a touchdown with any of our crowdsourcing solutions. What will be your Super Bowl – that defining moment of victory where the crowd helps put you on top?


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