Crowdsourcing Content Moderation to Protect Your Brand

By: Alex Chrum | Published: December 7, 2012

Content moderation is an integral part of enterprise-level business, and crowdsourcing that moderation holds the key to locking a positive image that protects your brand.

Your brand is your most important intangible asset. Now more than ever, brand management is about more than just the image your enterprise presents in a traditional sense. The Social Web makes user-generated content an everyday component of content about your brand – from customer feedback displayed on your website or user-generated profile information to user comments on your company blog or Facebook page.

Making sure that content complies with your enterprise’s policies while also presenting a positive image is vital to brand management. Crowdsourcing content moderation offers you a multitude of ways to moderate and provides benefits that create the protection your brand needs to thrive.

Capabilities of crowdsourcing content moderation

What exactly happens during the content moderation process? The answer ultimately lies in what your enterprise needs. Different levels and types of moderation are available, and each offers unique benefits in driving successful brand management. Processes you might consider include the following:

  • Having reviews moderated for appropriateness and grammatical correctness
  • Preprocessing of user-generated content for appropriateness
  • Categorizing of comments to streamline post-moderation attention
  • Eliminating spam content
  • Removing content that violates a copyright

These are just a few of the possibilities with crowdsourcing content moderation. Based on your enterprise needs and type of content, our U.S.-based workforce is prequalified with proven accuracy in moderating all types of content, at any scale, according to rigid enterprise guidelines and policies.

Benefits of crowdsourcing content moderation

The biggest benefit of content moderation via crowdsourcing is that it allows you to be proactive. It allows you to put the tools in place by being prepared to address a host of issues and concerns before they happen—giving you the building blocks for brand protection and promotion. Other benefits of constant and consistent moderation include the following:

  • Builds customer trust in safely visiting your site
  • Makes site users feel more welcome
  • Increases customer excitement and satisfaction/li>
  • Eliminates profanity, threats, personal attacks and rudeness
  • Catches negative comments quickly
  • Prevents spamming and trolling
  • Maintaining control over posted content

With authenticity, accuracy and brand protection our ultimate goal, we offer managed crowdsourcing solutions that allow you to monitor user-generated content in real-time. By assuming complete control over the final content that posts to your sites, you control the image you present. Having the final say in approving or rejecting user-generated content before it does unnecessary damage ensures your brand reputation management is infinitely easier.


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