Crowdsourcing Social Media Content to Improve SEO

By: Alex Chrum | Published: October 31, 2012

The social landscape of the web puts social media content front and center when it comes to adding value to internet users, but it also has the potential to improve your SEO while positively impacting sales, consumer perception and more.

Fresh, frequent uploading of quality content to your website and social media platforms improves your SEO through the likes, shares and +1s it receives from other users. While traditional SEO is still important, search engines increasingly place more emphasis on social signals.

Content is king for any successful SEO strategy now that social signals are heavily emphasized. It is vital for your business to not only create fresh and relevant content on your own website, but on other blogs within your niche as well. Great content is recognized by major search engines and has the potential of going viral through various social media outlets.

Going viral – the link between social media content and SEO

Because search engines are placing more value on social signals, your SEO and social media campaigns must coordinate. After publishing qualitative content on your site, share this information to your target market through all of your social media platforms. Sharing information via Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms makes your content more visible and attracts leaders within your industry.

Sharing valuable information on social media platforms increases the visibility of your brand as your target audience is able to share and recommend your page to others. Sharing through social media also drives a large amount of traffic to your page and ultimately boosts your rankings on search engine results pages. Other benefits include establishing your company as an authority, increasing sales and increasing your industry influence.

Crowdsourcing your social media content

One of the biggest mistakes many enterprises make is tackling content needs in-house.
To keep up with creating fresh, frequent and current social media content, most enterprises would need to create an internal position, one that would have additional overhead costs attached to it. Plus, any internally created content is from the perspective of your brand.

Crowdsourced content, on the other hand, creates content from a different perspective, one that speaks to the lives, wants, needs and passions of your intended audience in a different, more realistic way. Plus, it’s written by skilled, pre-qualified writers who meet and exceed your content expectations.

Received focused content through crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing your social media content provides focused content that stimulates engagement and demonstrates knowledge at a scale impossible for most businesses to do internally. Whether you need 20 pieces of content per week or 200, crowd workers get it done with a speed that’s impossible for an internal staff member or department to match.

Creating social media content to address the needs and wants of your users effectively should stay a priority within your enterprise right now. Every piece of fresh, engaging content you publish to social media not only speaks to your users, it has the potential to affect what’s being searched for by them. When your content addresses needs users don’t even know they have, you gain a competitive advantage that’s pretty hard to beat.

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