Copywriting: How Crowdsourcing Outshines Outsourcing

By: Alex Chrum | Published: October 22, 2012

Crowdsourcing presents many distinct advantages over outsourcing. If your company has copywriting needs or projects, consider these advantages to see how the power of the crowd outshines the more traditional model of outsourced labor.


Crowdsourcing offers scalability on a level outsourcing cannot match. While outsourcing offers high volume, it cannot match the speed with which managed crowd workers deliver copy, at any scale. Outsourcing, then, creates an opportunity cost.

What the scalability means to your company is getting the benefits of copy into practice sooner. The difference in time to market means the ability to attract more consumers sooner to utilize content that impacts your bottom line by improving SEO, consumer engagement, loyalty and branding, takes longer to provide benefits.

Cost advantages

The Everest Group found that businesses can save as much as 70 percent in operating costs by utilizing crowdsourcing in lieu of outsourcing. The biggest determinant of the cost savings is the model of work. An argument of outsourcing companies is that outsourced copywriting is cheaper than internal staffing. However, with outsourcing, your costs are computed in a labor-based model. You pay for every hour of work, regardless of productivity or quality.

Crowdsourcing, conversely, is an outcomes-based model. You only pay a predefined amount for top-quality content. The cost per output (piece of content) becomes a finite calculation. Plus, you choose which level of quality and pricing structure fits your business model, so you’re not paying high per-unit costs for lower quality content.

“Talent is a matter of quantity. Talent does not write one page, it writes three hundred.” –Jules Renard, French Writer

Access to talent

Outsourcing is something your company might do for a specific copywriting job. One outsourcing company may not do something else you need done or it might simply focus on writing copy of a specific type. If a company you’re using doesn’t fit new or changing copy needs within your enterprise, you must start from scratch to find a new outsourcing company.

Crowdsourcing makes life for your enterprise easier. It gives you access to a wide breadth of copywriters whenever you need them. In addition, crowd workers are trained in many areas, from SEO copywriting and blog writing to buying guides, product descriptions, landing pages and Tweets to help with your general SEO approach.

Predictability and risk mitigation

Crowdsourcing has more predictability and risk mitigation. An inability to predict project costs and quality hurts your company’s copywriting endeavors. With outsourcing, risks are inherent: costs often run over budget, quality suffers and deadlines go unmet when its labor-based model erodes, even temporarily.

With crowdsourcing, however, set timelines, an outcomes-based model and consistent quality allow you to predict workflows and projects with little to no risk. The nature of crowdsourcing ensures the best workers emerge as workers strive to improve their reputation and proficiency in providing quality work. When they don’t, other workers step in and step up to live up to expectations.

Outsourcing also often means your copy is written outside the US. When you need copy written with impeccable use of the English language, original and appropriate frames of reference, this hurts the quality. Crowdsourcing in general has more US crowd workers than any other country, and at CrowdSource, we offer a US-based workforce to mitigate the risk of receiving poor-quality content or needing to outsource a second time to obtain the results you need.

Scope and flexibility

CrowdSource solutions cover a spectrum of different ways to help your business through distributed problem solving. This means when a new internal need or challenge arises, you have access to workers who can get it done. Your company benefits from shrinking completion times when the scope of solutions that apply to different areas of your enterprise are available. This isn’t true with outsourcing companies.

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