New Crowdsourcing Technologies and the Implications for Managed Crowdsourcing

By: Alex Chrum | Published: September 7, 2012

The nature of crowdsourcing is to provide solutions to problems. Since the term was coined in 2006 by Jeff Howe, crowdsourcing has exploded in a number of arenas, from the managed crowdsourcing of microtasks to crowdfunding and idea-generation platforms. This exponential growth shows that new technologies play a pivotal role in how crowdsourcing evolves and continues to grow.

New and growing crowdsourcing technologies

As technological innovation and crowdsourcing technologies emerge and expand, expect to see new applications of crowd collaboration and crowdsourcing. A few areas ripe for increased crowd collaboration technology include the following:

  • Social search – expect improvements and a shift toward on-demand answers to any question in real time
  • Teleoperation of web-accessible devices – internet users already have access to a variety of physical experiences via the internet, but expect this technology to grow, including ways to incorporate cloud collaboration
  • Decision making applications and sites – enterprises already tap into the crowd for design and development input, picking new flavors of products and much more, so expect the crowd to continue to help make decisions for both individuals and enterprises
  • Crowdfunding and timebanking – getting startups funded or ideas incorporated from the crowd is already happening, and expect this trend to grow into a much bigger arena in the future for those who have the marketable skills, innovation and insight but lack funding
  • Editing through collaboration – some written content is already produced in smaller pieces by the crowd and combined into one piece, so an increased amount of content that is written one sentence or paragraph at time is likely on the horizon of content creation – from articles to full-blown novels

Implications for managed crowdsourcing

What these expanding technologies make clear is that the crowd is capable of collectively tackling just about anything. At CrowdSource, we offer a variety of existing managed crowdsourcing solutions that utilize the crowd effectively, but our team also has the ability, critical thinking skills, innovation and creativity to develop custom solutions to address any business problem that is solvable through the creation of microtasks for crowd completion.

For anything from scientific or market research to developing a solution for extracting valuable data from big data sets of any type, our customized crowdsourcing solutions are designed to meet your specific needs and to address your business problem directly – within any industry. The nature of distributed problem solving allows our team to cultivate members of our crowd workforce for your tasks specifically, ensuring higher accuracy and quality.

Not sure if the solution to your business needs is something the crowd can tackle? Contact a member of our sales team to learn more about how we can engineer microtasks for the crowd that put viable solutions in your hands with speed and accuracy.


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