Crowdsourcing Social Media Analytics: Gaining Actionable Insights

By: Alex Chrum | Published: September 19, 2012

As social media use by consumers and businesses alike continues to explode, you can position your enterprise to benefit by using managed crowdsourcing for social media analytics.

Social media is an integral part of the today’s business landscape. The top three social media sites (Facebook, YouTube and Twitter) present virtually unlimited ways for your enterprise to interact with consumers. From contests, video testimonials and user-submitted content to feedback, comments and Q&A, these sites and many, many others give you mounds of data regarding consumer loyalty, habits, sentiments and experiences.

The real benefits of engaging consumers through social media and embracing crowdsourcing to make sense of the data you collect go beyond increased brand awareness to give you actionable insights on everything from CSM to product development or how you measure up to the competition.

How crowdsourcing takes social media analytics to a new level

The data you obtain from social media is of little value if you cannot use it in some way. Twitter, for example, produces around 250 million Tweets every single day. The sheer volume of potential snippets about your enterprise within those Tweets is a challenge if you are looking to gain insight from what consumers are saying. Crowdsourcing gives you a way to examine the context to mine and make sense of very large amounts of experiential data – something unfeasible at the same scale without the on-demand, 24-hour workforce crowdsourcing puts at your disposal.
How many customers have complaints, express positive or negative sentiment, have suggestions for or complaints about new or existing products, view you positively or negatively compared to the competition? Crowdsourcing answers those questions through introducing your social media data to the power of the crowd and human evaluation.
What can crowdsourced social media analytics do for your enterprise?

Crowdsouring your social media content provides actionable insight into both action and sentiment through qualitative data that can be mined for value in multiple ways, including the following:

  • Analysis of conversation data
  • Identification of brand and reputation advocates and threats
  • Quantification and analysis of social media campaigns and resulting consumer activities
  • Insight and analysis of customer service management and strategy
  • Evaluation of how you measure against the competition

Why you cannot afford to wait

With social media growing more important to businesses every day, waiting to use crowdsourcing to mine your social media data puts you a step behind your competition—who are likely already gaining powerful insight into their own data. The sooner you realize the benefits of data obtained through social media, the sooner you can take action by applying what you learn to specific areas of your enterprise. In turn, you have more power over when and how quickly you respond to changes in the market and consumer needs, wants and desires.

The ability to understand which aspects of your enterprise are helping or hurting your brand awareness, loyalty and sentiment is a boon. Start planning how you can gain actionable insight, and stay ahead of the competition with crowdsourcing by contacting a member of our sales team today.


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