Benefits of Crowdsourcing Transcription and Captioning

By: Alex Chrum | Published: September 28, 2012

Enterprise businesses incorporate video and audio files in a variety of ways, but to truly take advantage of the benefits of these files, companies must consider providing text transcripts or captioning. Crowdsourcing offers a number of solutions—all available at any scale.

Crowdsourcing the transcription of online video

The enterprise environment is increasingly flush with online video. Enterprises use video to facilitate branding, employee training, employee relations, investor relations and company communications. The use of online video also creates a way to provide employee, partner or consumer education and training. At the same time, online video can promote collaboration and the sharing of knowledge among employees. Making an online video library searchable is possible with crowdsourcing. Videos can be captioned, transcribed and tagged.

Crowdsourcing the transcription of recorded events

Enterprise businesses increasingly use recorded conference events, virtual events, webcasts and webinars to share information with both employees and consumers. Crowdsourcing the transcription or captioning of this material makes every word of recorded events searchable. In addition, the material is more SEO friendly, reusable and shareable.

Crowdsourcing the transcription of market research

Whether a business conducts extensive market research or market research is a company’s business, audio or video of interviews and focus groups are a common component of market research. Crowdsourcing the transcription of these audio or video files allows researchers to analyze the content. The benefits of analysis include the ability to find and use examples, key insights, patterns and sentiments within a large collection of content.

Crowdsourcing synchronization of transcripts

When paired with video or audio content, synchronization of time code to text is beneficial in several ways, and crowdsourcing provides an avenue to accomplish this quickly at any scale. In online video transcripts, for example, synchronization allows users to find content in a video quickly after they search for specific information within a text transcript—an obvious benefit in today’s culture of immediate gratification. Similarly, the ability of market researchers to match up a text transcript with the corresponding video allows them to see and hear what is being said, which can often alter the meaning of the words as they appear in text only.

Whether a company is an industry leader or one just starting to make its mark, creating searchable transcripts of video and audio has the potential to enhance relationships with consumers, investors and employees—depending on the application of the content. From e-learning companies seeking captioning to comply with ADA and Section 508 accessibility requirements to corporate enterprises with large video libraries, any organization benefits from crowdsourcing transcription and captioning.

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