The Business Value of Enterprise Crowdsourcing Part 5: Reduced Time to Market and Faster Project Delivery

By: Alex Chrum | Published: August 24, 2012

Your company’s growth, success and viability are intricately linked to creating value though facilitating fast project delivery and a reduced time to market. If you’ve been following this five-part series, you already know that enterprise crowdsourcing creates value though access to a flexible workforce, broad access to creative talent, increased cost effectivenessand increased business capabilities. The last installment of this series highlights how a reduced time to market and faster project delivery helps foster, fuel and grow your business value through crowdsourcing.

With the pressure constantly intensifying to put products and services on the market quickly, your company’s ability to reduce time to market is influenced by the resources you use. Crowdsourcing is a resource that results in a reduction in time to market for several reasons.

The role of microtasks in reducing time to market

For any repetitive or large-volume task, completion times are crucial in reducing the time to market and project deliver time. These types of tasks are at the crux of the value crowdsourcing offers. Both repetitive and large-volume tasks are completed with unprecedented speed at any scale through the use of crowd workers. For example, if you need 5,000 product descriptions to increase your conversation rate, having those descriptions written in-house would take much time and effort. Crowdsourcing, conversely, lets a large pool of pre-qualified workers tackle those same product descriptions in a matter of days. This principle holds true across all crowdsourced tasks where the results hold more value the sooner they go to work or you.

The right resources at the right time reduce time to market

The time to market is also reduced through the ability to match the right work up with the right resources (pre-qualified workers) at the right time. At CrowdSource, we maintain large pools of pre-qualified workers across a wide spectrum of predefined tasks. When you have tasks you need completed quickly, whether they focus on customer engagement, research or transcription, our workers deliver results with accuracy and speed.

How repeated utilization of the crowd further reduces time to market

A reduced time to market is further driven by our familiarity with the crowdsourcing landscape, task creation and quality control. Putting products and services to market faster is further facilitated through repeated use of the crowd for similar tasks. Our pools of pre-qualified workers tend to focus in areas of hyperspecialization. Their familiarity with specific tasks and recognition of your requirements and guidelines through repeated work brings you results even faster.

Reduce your time to market and project delivery times by taking advantage of our crowdsourcing solutions by contacting our sales team about embracing crowdsourcing for your time-sensitive projects.


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