The Business Value of Enterprise Crowdsourcing Part 4: Increased Business Capabilities

By: Alex Chrum | Published: August 20, 2012

Building opportunities through increased business capabilities

The financial success of your business is promoted through the ability to create value—value that is built through business capabilities and processes. Enterprise crowdsourcing provides a platform that easily fits into your business model to foster the growth and success of your business capabilities. The first three parts of this series identified how crowdsourcing provides access to a flexible workforce, broad access to creative talent and increased cost effectiveness to drive the value of your business. This post highlights the increased business capabilities you realize by tapping into the crowd.

Your business capabilities are defined by the benefits derived from them, and the value of your business depends on its ability to use capabilities to build opportunities and create outcomes. Crowdsourcing presents an opportunity to do both.

Enterprise crowdsourcing builds opportunities by making processes and projects possible that were previously impossible to undertake, scale or complete. For example, realizing the value of big data is one area in which crowdsourcing increases business capabilities. Large data sets that were previously next to impossible to make sense of cost effectively are put into context through the human element crowd workers bring to realizing the value of big data.

Creating outcomes with increased business capabilities

Increased business capabilities also create outcomes that provide benefits by improving and speeding up processes that build business value. Not only does crowdsourcing produce outcomes faster than traditional business practices and approaches to problem solving, but it does so with increased efficiency. Whether it is data categorization or content creation, tasks put to the crowd produce outcomes that increase your capabilities. For example, if your company seeks to improve on-site search functionality, the crowd easily tackles product tree development or evaluates search results to improve search relevance across your website.

Crowdsourcing allows for increased business capabilities through processes that promote business value by building opportunities that did not previously exist and creating outcomes based on solutions to defined problems. The ability to define tasks that produce outcomes to provide value is only part of the process. Once you define the problem a group of tasks is meant to solve, our team works to control the tasks with vigorous quality control; as a result, outcomes produce high accuracy and quality that drives the value of your business.

Explore our enterprise crowdsourcing solutionsto envision the ways in which you can enjoy increased business capabilities, or contact our sales team for additional information or customized solutions that increase your business capabilities.

Check back soon for The Business Value of Enterprise Crowdsourcing Part 5: Reduced Time to Market and Faster Project Delivery.


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