The Business Value of Enterprise Crowdsourcing Part 2: Broad Access to Creative Talent

By: Alex Chrum | Published: August 6, 2012

The growth of your business relies on creating business value, and enterprise crowdsourcing creates that value in multiple ways. In Part 1 of this blog series, you learned the benefits of access to a flexible workforce. Now the focus shifts to what broad access to creative talent means for your business.

Creativity is the driving force behind most business models, and maintaining the ability to tap into that force creates value. Regardless of the business role you play, understanding the benefits of broad access to creative talent is vital to embrace and benefit from crowdsourcing.

Expand your creative talent pool

Every company values talent, and if you are like most companies, you never have enough creative talent. While it is impossible to house an endless number of creative and talented employees in-house, it is possible to broaden access to creative talent from all over the world with enterprise crowdsourcing.

With a workforce that spans the globe, the creative talent pool available through crowdsourcing is diverse in individual disciplines, age ranges, languages and skill levels. At CrowdSource, we offer hyperspecialized and pre-screened creative talent to tackle your projects.

Generate more ideas with access to more creative talent

A bigger creative talent pool means more is possible. With access to as many crowd workers as your projects require, you can generate more ideas and solutions. Regardless of the task you put to the crowd, different workers bring different perspectives, and creativity is what fuels the success of workers tackling your projects.

For example, if you are testing the viability or creation of new products or customer service policies, more access to a creative talent pool means you get more results. Likewise, if you are looking for certain types of unique content creation, a diverse group of creative and talented writers specialize and excel at various types of writing—letting you tap into the creative talent that best addresses your needs.

Find solutions to fit your needs with readily available creative talent

Finding solutions that are possible to do internally is not always an easy task, but with broad access to creative talent, you have an increased ability to find solutions that fit your business needs. Highly specific needs are more easily addressed with solutions to those needs on a scale that is only possible through the innovation of enterprise crowdsourcing. While not every crowd worker has the skills and creative talent you need to complete a project, your access to those who do exceeds the creative talent you can keep on standby internally.

For customized solutions that propel your business value through the broad access to creative talent, contact a member of our sales team to put our pool of creative talent to work helping to drive the success of your business.

Check back soon for The Business Value of Enterprise Crowdsourcing Part 3: Increased Cost Effectiveness.


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